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Sue Wiseman’s research interests are in Renaissance and
seventeenth-century writing and culture. Specific current interests
include the writing of night 1540-1650 and, particularly,
investigation of the places of the 'English Renaissance'  - from the
elites and yeomen of Derbyshire to the widows of Shoreditch as
suggested by literature, culture and material evidence.

She is interested in the literature of change and transformation;
women's writing; writing of the early seventeenth century and writing
of the Civil War.

She has recently written on topics including the the estate poem,
wolf-transformation, travellers’ tails, wild children.

In recent publications she has discussed writers including Katherine
Austen, John Donne, Luke Hutton, Anne King, William Shakespeare, John Webster.

She runs the London Renaissance Seminar with Dr Elizabeth Scott-Baumann.