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Selected publications


Joanne is currently working on two books:

Lesbian Modernism: A Cultural Study: This book maps the cultural production and influence of the Anglo-American lesbian modernists.  Its interarts focus examines lesbian modernist production in the broadest sense, looking to the work and cultural interventions of, amongst others, Djuna Barnes, Thelma Wood, H.D., Bryher, Eileen Gray, Romaine Brooks, Adrienne Monnier, Sylvia Beach, Virginia Woolf.  The book argues for a complex model of sexual identity, one which understands sexuality as being imbricated in the modernist moment and processes of creativity.

A Confusion of Tongues: Affect, Illness, Writing: The focus of the book
constellates around illness, language, subjectivity and the
clinical encounter.  It aims to theorise these relations in new and productive ways.  Taking Michael Balint's notion that in the clinical encounter there is a 'confusion of tongues' between clinician and patient as a starting point, I ask just how these two subjectivities – of clinician and patient - are constituted.  I look to psychoanalytic frameworks to help understand these, and to probe the space that exists between them.  Since the clinical encounter requires some kind of communication, so the book then turns to the question of language and asks what of the different languages of clinician and patient?  If Elaine Scarry is right that pain 'destroys language' (and this remains to be debated) what other forms of communication - for example poetry, art, photography, music, sound -might prove productive for the communication of pain and illness?  In addition to regarding both pathography and the poetics of illness, the book looks to examples from contemporary art practice, music and film soundtrack to consider communication in the clinical encounter.  The book attempts to straddle the very different disciplinary fields of biomedical science, clinical practice and the humanities disciplines.


Recent books include The Pilgrimage of Dorothy Richardson (Univ. of Wisconsin Press, 2000) and the edited Bryher: Two Novels (Univ. of Wisconsin Press, 2000).

Articles and essays

Recent articles, essays and papers include work on the Australian writer Eve Langley; the connections between Radclyffe Hall and lesbian modernism; space and lesbian modernity; sexuality in the story of modernism; contemporary Scottish lesbian and gay writing, the idea of the closet in contemporary culture; listening in the clinical encounter; skin and surgical subjectivity; music and the affect of illness.