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Selected publications



    • In Discussion with Chad McCail, Sackler Gallery, Kingston University, 25 March 2009
    • Bowlderized Baudelaire: On Sean Bonney, Veer, London, 2011
    • See with a feeling eye: feel with a seeing hand, Sensuous Knowing, Bergen, Norway, 2014

Art Projects

    • 'The Urpflanze Project', with Melanie Jackson, 2009-2013 (documented in See with a feeling eye……)
    • ‘KX-CTRL’, digital video (26.40 mins), screened at Cecil Sharp House, part of Visionary Landscapes festival, to musical accompaniment, 23 May 2003
    •, a website run with Ben Watson/Out To Lunch

A selection of digital works

Media work

    • Numerous radio broadcasts for the London Musician Collective’s radio station Resonance 104.4 FM. These broadcasts, which take the form of musically illustrated lectures, are titled Twinkle, Day-glo, DiamondsAre A Girls Best FriendDreams,Rockets, Recycling, Junk, Spam and Leftovers, and Valentine. I have also participated in other shows on themes including madness, punk and pollution. Some of these can be found on the Internet Archive.
    • Interviewed on the Open University t.v. programme ‘Displaying Modern Art’, for the new Art History course, designed by Dr. Steve Edwards.
    • Interviewed on Chicago Public Radio, Odyssey programme, theme - The Politics of Popular Culture, 18 December 2003
    • The Verb, speaking on Walter Benjamin’s Archive, Radio 3, 16 January 2008
    • Interviewed and appeared in Flannery’s Mounted Head, a DVD film by Cathal Coughlan/Johnny Grogan, Eire/UK 2008
    • ‘Thought Cloud’, Head in the Clouds series, Radio 3, 26 February 2009
    • Interviewed on Walter Benjamin for Against the Grain, Pacifica radio, 24 March 2009
    • In Our Time, On The Frankfurt School, Radio 4, 14 January 2010
    • On Max Horkheimer – Guardian Online podcast
    • Thinking Allowed, Radio 4, 28 August 2013 – on Walter Benjamin

Chapters in books

    • ‘Complex Messsiah’ in Jordan Wolfson, Ecce Homo/Le Poseur, Redcat/Smak, 2013
    • Disturbios culturales: Conversaciones con Jeffrey Alexander, Andrew Benjamin, Luc Boltanski, Sarah Franklin, Boris Groys, Antoine Hennion, Michael Hutter, Scott Lash, Esther Leslie, Brian Massumi, José Ossandón, Lucía Vodanovic, Universidad Diego Portales, 2012
    • ‘Animation’s Petrified Unrest’, Pervasive Animation, edited by Suzanne Buchan, AFI Reader, Routledge, London 2013
    • ‘Animation and History’, Animating Film Theory, edited by Karen Beckman, Duke University Press, 2013
    • Entries in Startle: Torsten Lauschmann, London Film and Video Umbrella publication, London 2013
    • ‘Brecht and Cinema’, Working Together: Notes on British Film Collectives in the 1970s, edited by Petra Bauer and Dan Kidner, Focal Point, Southend, 2013.
    • Esther Leslie, 'Shadowy, Shape-shifting, Shaky: Animation as Subversion', Tricky Women, Animations Film Kunst von Frauen / Women in Animation, Birgitt Wagner, Waltraud Grausgruber (Hg.), Schüren Verlag, Vienna, 2011
    • ‘Lines in the Landscape’, Larry Johnson catalogue, Hammer Gallery, Los Angeles, 2009
    • ‘Walter Benjamin and the Technological Unconscious’, Walter Benjamin et l’ Architecture, Editions de la Villette, Paris 2010
    • ‘Liquidation and Shattering: Walter Benjamin’s Aesthetics’, Anca Pusca (ed.), Walter Benjamin and the Aesthetics of Change, Palgrave, 2010
    • ‘Icy Scenes from Three Centuries’, Clare Pajakowska/Luke White (eds.), The Ecological Sublime, Cambridge Scholars Press, 2010
    • ‘Siegfried Kracauer and Walter Benjamin: Memory from Weimar to Hitler’, in Susannah Radstone and Bill Schwarz (eds.), Mapping Memory, Fordham University Press, 2010
    • ‘Ben Wilson’, Limited Language: Rewriting Design, edited by Colin Davies, and Monika Parrinder, Birkhauser, Basel, 2010
    • ‘Dust and Dr Johnson’, essay for The House of Words/Dr Johnson House catalogue, June 2009
    • ‘Art’s Displacement’, essay for catalogue The City Gates, Sheffield Hallam University Fine Art Course show, June 2009
    • Entry on Karl Marx and Fashion, Encyclopedia of Fashion and Clothing, Charles Scribner's Sons 2005
    • ‘Wear and Tear’, Fashion and Modernity, edited by Caroline Evans and Christopher Breward, 2005
    • ‘Benjamin, Adorno, Brecht on Film’, Marxism and Film, edited by Michael Wayne, Pluto, London 2004
    • ‘Two Worlds of Fortune: Culture and Dying in the Global Zone’,Economising Culture, edited by Joasia Krysa and Geoff Cox (DATA browser collective), Autonomedia 2004
    • 'Spectacles and Signs’ in Living in a Material World, collection of conference papers, Coventry University, 2000, pp.240-251
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    • ‘Philistines and Vandals Get Upset’ in The Philistine Controversy, edited by Dave Beech and John Roberts, Verso, London 2002
    • ‘Murmurs of the Future’, in Berliner Kindheit, a book of photographs by Aura Rosenberg, Distributed Art Publishers, New York, 2002
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    • ‘Walter Benjamin: Traces of Craft’ in Obscure Objects of Desire; Reviewing the Crafts in the Twentieth Century, edited by Tanya Harrod, Crafts Council, London 1997, pp.21-31

Articles in journals

    • Anima Mundi: On Mark Leckey’, Afterall, Summer 2013
    • ‘Loops and joins: Muybridge and the optics of animation’, Early Popular Visual Culture 11 (1), 2012
    • Sequence no.3, edited by Simon Payne, Lux, London 2012.
    • Joyce/Eisenstein: Cosmic, Comic, Enclave, April 2012
    • ‘Walter Benjamin: Politik und Aesthetik’ in Kunst, Spektakel, Revolution: Zum Verhältnis von Kunst, Politik und radikaler Gesellschaftskritik, ACC, Weimar, 2010
    • ‘Flux and Flurry: Stillness and Hypermovement in Animated Worlds’, Radical Philosophy 152, November/December 2008
    • ‘Where Abstraction and Comics Collide: On Kandinsky and Oskar Fischinger’, Tate Etc, Summer 2006
    • ‘Comic Marxism: Punk's Day-glo and the Bash Street Kids’ (with 
Ben Watson), in dot dot dot, no.11, 2006
    • ‘Stars, Phosphor and Chemical Colours: Extraterrestriality in Reading Benjamin’s Arcades, New Formations, no. 54, Winter 2004-2005 pp13-27
    • ‘Die Kunst der Kritik’, Jungle World: Die Linke Wochenzeitung, 17 September 2003
    • ‘Telescoping the Microscopic Object: Walter Benjamin, the Collector’ in The Optic of Walter Benjamin, De-, Dis-, Ex-, no. 3, March 1999, pp.58-91
    • ‘Telescoping the Microscopic Object: Walter Benjamin, the Collector’ in The Optic of Walter Benjamin, De-, Dis-, Ex-, no. 3, March 1999, pp.58-91
    • ‘Space and West-end Girls; Walter Benjamin versus Cultural Studies’ in ‘Hating Tradition Properly’, New Formations 38, 1999, pp.110-124
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