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  • Author of three novels – Massive (Young Picador, 2002), Dirty Work (Young Picador, 2007), and The Dark Light (2015) all of which have been widely translated and published in the US. Both Massive and Dirty Work were re-issued in 2015/16 and are currently widely available.
  • Co-editor of the bestselling Creative Writing Coursebook (Macmillan 2001) which is re-published and re-packaged with a new introduction and updated information in August 2018.
  • Memoir in verse – Hymnal – which is forthcoming – more information soon.
  • Essays on Berlin are available in the new issue of Wasafiri and forthcoming in The White Review.

I work across lots of different genres – both poetry, prose and non-fiction. Each idea has its own method and voice. My current writing projects are taking me towards poetry and lyric essay at the moment but I have one more novel I am longing to write. Hymnal is my latest finished project. If you want to hear me reading from it, follow me on Twitter @juliabell for more info on live events and publications.

My teaching practice is reflected in the re-issue of the Creative Writing Coursebook. This is one of the bestselling books on the subject, edited and composed while I was working at UEA. The revised and updated version takes in all the changes since then and reflects on my many years of experience teaching creative practice at Birkbeck.

I was recently fortunate to get the chance to revise and update my first novel Massive which was first published in 2002 and written in the 1990s to adapt some of its dated contemporary references to make the book seem more timeless. It was a fascinating process to do this, to be able to re-create a book I had already written. It was a privilege and a technological challenge to find the original computer files and so on – in the end the text had to be scanned in from printed. A lesson to all the archivists out there on how much and how fast material is lost in the digital world. It’s great to see the book out there again and reaching a new audience.

I also curate a live reading event In Yer Ear – which exists to give an informal platform to writers of diverse backgrounds. We are publishing our first edited anthology this year in collaboration with a record label from Berlin.