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Graduate students’ research projects

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Ekua Agha Literary and Film Works of the Senegalese Writer and Filmmaker Ousmane Sembene Mpalive Msiska
Muna Al-Jawad What has medicine done to me? Using comics to explore how doctors accept and resist medical 'regard' and the impact this has on humane practice. Joanne Winning
Rowyda Amin Identity in the Fiction of Arab Diaspora Novelists in Britain Mpalive Msiska
Rees Arnott-Davies 'Romantic Assemblages: the museum, reproducibility, and Romantic Hellenism' Luisa Calè
Catherine Avery Gender and Agency in the Hard-Boiled Detective Novel Carol Watts
Martin Baillie Rule and Resistance: the Politics of Vernacular Theology in the Later Middle Ages Isabel Davis and John Arnold (History)
Jacob Bard-Rosenberg
Damaged Subjects of Modernity: Forgetting and Memory in the work of Adorno and Benjamin' Esther Leslie
Leire Barrera-Medrano Wrists, Waists, and Necks: the Resolute Presence of Female Sexuality in Mid-Nineteenth Century Art and Literature Ana Parejo-Vadillo
Jane Bassett How was memory experienced and articulated in writing in the civil war period? Sue Wiseman
Beatrice Bazell War, Bible and Gypsies; or How British Women Read Spain 1808-1898 Hilary Fraser
Rebecca Beattie A critical study of Mary Webb's oeuvre, using a methodology based on biographical study, archival research and a close reading of her works Kate McLoughlin
Radha Bhat Understanding Medical Education Through Comparative study of Ancient Indian and Contemporary Educational methods Jo Winning
Imogen Bond What is a curtain call? Aoife Monks
Edward Braman Imagining the Nixon Years: Narratives of Power, Myths of Community and Modes of Disruption in American Literature and Film, 1968-1976 Carol Watts
Steven Breeze Performance in Old English Poetry Alison Finlay
Christos Callow Caroline Edwards
Bethan Carney The Borderland of late Victorian Fantasy: the Strange Worlds of Charles Dickens and George MacDonald Nicola Bown
Betsie Cleworth Landnámabók: Content and Structure Alison Finlay
Harriet Cooper The Spectre of the Norm': The Relationship between the Western Notion of the 'Normal Child' and Changing Cultural Constructions of the Physically Impaired Child Jo Winning
Janice Cormie Contrasts and common ground in US and British crime fiction, 1930s to 1950s: texts, readers, and socio-cultural contexts' Mpalive Msiska
Lynden Cranham

Music and Control in the Nineteenth Century

    Additional Information: The first chapter is about the rise of the orchestral conductor in nineteenth-century London


Nicola Bown
Emma Curry Objects and Body Parts: Supporting Characters in the work of Dickens Nicola Bown
Henderson Downing Psychogeography and the City: London's Plaques Tournantes Esther Leslie
Monalesia Earle 'A Critical Analysis of the Relationship between 20th and 21st Century Graphic Novels and Feminist Fiction, in the Construction and Representation of the 'Other': from 1995 to 2005' Heike Bauer
Pippin Eldridge The Perils of 'Suburbia' and the Poetics of Sprawl: Fictional Representations of 21st-Century American Sprawl. Anna Hartnell
Natalya Elliot Dreaming and the Occult imagination: Blake to Yeats Luisa Calè and Nicola Bown
Daniel Eltringham Landscape and Open Field composition: J. H. Prynne and William Wordsworth, enclosure and common ground Carol Watts
Oliver Evans The Performance of James Joyce's Finnegans Wake' Laura Salisbury and Aoife Monks
Emily Fergus Nostalgia and Late Victorian Gothic Fiction Carolyn Burdett
Claudia Firth Peter Weiss: Aesthetics of Resistance Esther Leslie
Catherine Flay Thomas Pynchon; renegotiating postmodern readings of fact, fiction and reality Joe Brooker
Steven Fowler The ethical centre of the Dada movement William Rowe and Carol Watts
Aimee Gasston Reading Matter: Solid objects and modernist short fiction Kate McLoughlin
Soudabeh Gholami Materialization of Collective Oblivion and Memory in Julian Barnes¿s Literature in the Postcolonial Period: The Uncanny Echo of the Colonial History and the Agency of the Colonizer Mpalive Msiska
Linda Grant Masculinity and the Erotic in the English Renaissance Literary Reception of Classical Latin Love Elegy Sue Wiseman and Catherine Edwards
Catrin Griffiths Parthenissa and cultural production during the Interregnum: The English heroic romance, 1650-1660 Sue Wiseman
Grace Halden (How) is this a man? The fear of human disappearance and dehumanisation through the development of technology as reflected in selected western science fiction post 1945.' Roger Luckhurst
Matthew Harle
On the shelf: Reappraising abandoned, archived and unrealised blueprints Joe Brooker
Hallvard Haug Science Fiction and Bioethics Roger Luckhurst
Pauric Havlin Joyce, Rushdie and the Re-Imagined Homeland Joe Brooker
Daniel Hayward The Experience of Commitment: Textual Revision in Wordsworth Luisa Calè
Evilyn Heinz No history to speak of': John Rodker (1894-1955) and the Institutions of Modernism. Kate McLoughlin
Zainab Hemani The Development of Contemporary African Women's Fiction: Analysing Sexuality, Modernity and Female Relationships Mpalive Msiska
Nicholas Hocking Masculinity in the works of Djuna Barnes Anna Hartnell and Carol Watts
Joy (Kathryn)Hudson Spectatorship in the Work of Frances Burney Luisa Cale
Judith Hudson Evidence and Doubt in Early Modern Law and Literature Sue Wiseman
Paul Ingram Philistinism, Anti-Art and the Avant-Garde Carol Watts
Mark Jackson
An Examination of the Sound Performance and Visual Poetry of Bob Cobbing William Rowe
Elizabeth Jones What is Anti-Spectacular Literature? Opposition in contemporary literature to the Spectacle as defined by Guy Debord Esther Leslie and Laura Salisbury
Sophie Jones Reproductive Territories: Space, Time and Interrupted Pregnancy in American Culture Jo Winning and Luisa Calè
Susan Jones A certain island, whose name he remembreth not: Pirate Utopias in Early Modern Literature
Adrian Joyce J. G.Ballard's Experimental Topologies Roger Luckhurst
Thomas Kendall The electric materiality of language: a study of writing as a generative, self contained field Caroline Edwards
William Kherbek John Ashbery and Cognitive Science, Title: 'Chinese Whispers, Chinese Rooms Carol Watts and Laura Salisbury
Robert Kiely

Science, Mysticism, and Astrology in the Work of Samuel Beckett

    Additional Information: I am currently looking at the importance of astrology in Beckett's first novel, Murphy. Planets and stars are also frequently referenced in his later work, so I am trying to ascertain whether or not these constitute a continued engagement with astrology, or astronomy. In the future I plan to look into Beckett's attitude towards science, and his engagement with mediums (Hester Dowden) and Renaissance mystic Giordano Bruno.
Laura Salisbury
Kaori Kikuchi Architecture and Desire(s) in Virginia Woolf Jo Winning
Gerald Killingworth Robert Greene and the Beginning of Literary Professionalism Adam Smyth
Caroline Knighton Baedeckers & Bulwarks: The Space, Strategy and Practice of a Twentieth Century Feminist Avant-Garde Jo Winning
Jacqueline Kyte Representing Safety - how safety and its cognate concepts came to be represented in a range of literary texts Kate McLoughlin
Natalie Landaw-Mott Vertebreme: Gleaning, Leaning and The Lean After Millet Carol Watts
Michael Leahy Representations of the Body and Pain in late-Medieval Religious Literature Anthony Bale
James Lesslie Feminine conceptions of and interactions with wild nature, 1750-1815 Luisa Cale
Elyssa Livergant Workshop: a Dramaturgy of Theatrical and Performance Labour McKinnie, Michael (QMUL)
Marco Lori The correlation of spirituality and materiality in the poetics of the later Stan Brakhage as a non-spectacular articulation of non-rational faculties Esther Leslie
Marco Lori The correlation of spirituality and materiality in the poetics of the later Stan Brakhage as a non-spectacular articulation of non-rational faculties Esther Leslie
Grace Lucas `The depressed speak of nothing, they have nothing to speak of.¿ How is the experience of language in depression represented in narrative? Jo Winning
James Machin Weird Fiction – Poe to Lovecraft Roger Luckhurst
John Mackay An Examination of Contemporary Responses to the Demands of Elegy, Incorporating American Poets Mary Jo Bang, Anne Carson, Mark Doty, Susan Howe, and Dean Young Carol Watts
Robert Maidens Reinventions of the Self in the Nineteenth-Century Novel Nicola Bown
Phillip March W. T. Stead: New Journalism, Evangelical Nonconformity, and Secular Faith. Carolyn Burdett
Helen Maslen The Nature of English Clergy Power and its Representation in Victorian Literature 1822-65 Hilary Fraser
Aidan McCardle The Poem Autonomous and Active in the Poetry of 5 Contemporary Poets William Rowe
Alan McNee

Popular and Artistic Responses to English Mountain Landscape, 1870-1900

    Additional Information: I'm looking at change and continuity in attitudes to mountains, examining both the growth of mountaineering as a sport and more general literary and artistic depictions.
Ana Vadillo and Luisa Calè
Sarah Mendoza Mapping Northumberland: locating the self through a poetics of place Carol Watts
Grant Metcalfe-Smith Agency, exile and ostracism: a comparative study of 20th century Southern U.S. literature Anna Hartnell
David Miller Belatedness and Queer Temporality in Djuna Barnes Heike Bauer
Ghazal Mosadeq The inside and outside work of Iranian Writers in Post-Revolutionary Iran: A memoir and critique of the narratives that emerged under political repression Russell Celyn Jones and Julia Bell
Lisa Mullen

Midcentury Gothic: Material Culture and the Modernist Uncanny

    Additional information: Reading collections and exhibitions in 1940s and 50s culture as expressions of temporal and spatial dislocation. Areas of research include the Festival of Britain, the curatorial practice of Barbara Jones, and the films of Powell and Pressburger.
Esther Leslie
jan Nawrocki The development of character in doctors Jo Winning
Daniel O' Donnell-Smith Towards a Digital Poetics: Voice in Contemporary Poetry in an Age of New Media Carol Watts
Elise Oliver The Performing Female in Contemporary Women's Fiction: Muriel Spark, Angela Carter, Jeanette Winterson and Sarah Waters Heike Bauer
Eleanor Packham Floating Cities: Civilisation at Sea in the Victorian Imagination Ana Parejo-Vadillo
Ruth Parry Short works of vernacular spiritual guidance Isabel Davis
Susie Paskins The Victorian Construction of Buddhism Carolyn Burdett
Albert Pellicer Oscillations Between Text And Sound: A Poetics Of Timbre William Rowe
Hannah Proctor Revolutionary Psychology Laura Salisbury
Jose Ricardo Ramos Morais The US 9/11 Novel Anna Hartnell
July Ramsey Discourses of Sexuality within the British Raj through the Prism of Prostitution and Venereal Disease Heike Bauer
Erin Reilly Towards an Ethical Culture: Social Responsibility and the Limits of Freedom in Contemporary U.S. Literature Anna Hartnell
Jon Revell British representations of the future in the period between1945, the first phase of the Cold War, until the end of the 1970's and the emergence of Thatcherism.
Roger Luckhurst
Richard Rosch Extending Reality, Poetic Actions and Human Existence Jo Winning
Bruno Roubicek Sustainability and Performance: A Strategy for a Political Theatre Aoife Monks
Darren Royston The Notion of the "Cosmic Dance" in the Elizabethan Theatre Stephen Clucas
Melissa Score The Development and Impact of Campaigning Journalism in the Early and Mid-Nineteenth Century: The Old "New Journalism?" Nicola Bown and Laurel Brake
Laura Seymour Forms of Knowledge in Shakespeare and Shakespeare in Psychoanalysis
Laura Salisbury and Stephen Clucas
Simon Smith Musical Response in the Early Modern Playhouse Sue Wiseman
Samantha Smith The Politics of Publishing: Unlocking Cabala: Mysteries of State and Government 1653-1691

Sue Wiseman

Victoria Sparrow Language as barricade: linguistic dissent in British Poetry since 1960

Carol Watts

Robert Stearn Novel, Romance, and Pornography in Writing on Women, 1670-1739

Sue Wiseman

Belle Stennett
The Role of Tradeswomen in Eighteenth-Century London
Luisa Cale
Mari Takumi Ghost Representation in Mid-Nineteenth Century Women’s Writings Nicola Bown
Natalia Tobin
Jack Womack's Fictions of Rupture: Body, Irony and Capital
Roger Luckhurst and Anna Hartnell
Rebecca Tomlin
Staging Exchange: Commerce, Drama and Gender in Early Modern England Adam Smyth
Anna Twomey Radical Spaces in Eighteenth-Century Methodism with Reference to the Life, Work and Associates of Mary Bosanquet Fletcher 1763-1815 Nicola Bown
Emilie Vince Psychological process and creativity: autobiographical writing by women in the twentieth and twenty-first centuries Jo Winning and Heike Bauer
Julie Warburton Walter Benjamin's Text/Image/Image/Text:Surfaces, Streets and Screens Esther Leslie
Jacqueline Watson The Career of Sir Thomas Overbury and the Depiction of the Ambitious Careerist on the Early-Modern Stage Sue Wiseman
Thomas White Living Books: signs of use in fteenth-century manuscripts Anthony Bale
Abigail Williams Women's Literature and Journalism, 1900-1939: May Sinclair, Dorothy Richardson, Virginia Woolf and Rebecca West Heike Bauer
Andrew Williams The Portrayal of Masculinity/the Influence of the Closet on the Novels and Short Stories of Somerset Maugham Carol Watts
Alexander Williamson Reading to You, or the Aesthetics of Marriage: Dialogic Intertextuality in the Fiction of Paul Auster and Siri Hustvedt Anna Hartnell
Alexis Wolf The Life Writing of Katherine and Martha Wilmot: A Study of Self-Education, Agency and International Exploration in Women's Travel Narratives, 1801-1808 Emily Senior
Yesimcan Yemenici George Eliot and the Problem of Embodiment Carolyn Burdett
Isabelle Zahar Lovers as Writers and Readers: Confluences Between Modern, Medieval and Early Modern Literary Traditions Anthony Bale and
Laura Salisbury
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