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Showings of performance work

Birkbeck Centre for Contemporary Theatre offers its honorary research fellows, artistic associates, and other artists the opportunity to show performance work in progress. The venue for these free showings is Birkbeck’s customized theatre space in our Georgian townhouse on Tavistock Square.

Forthcoming events:

The Animation Project

    Conceived and performed by Kate Elswit and Megan Nicely

    Monday 25 June 2012, 6.30pm (pre-show 6pm)

    The Animation Project draws on curiously focused attention, hidden energetic properties of bodies/things, and elements of sublime humour to explore the composition of alternate worlds in performance. As artist‐scholars, some of the questions we are asking include: What kinds of motors set events in motion? How can they be sustained and sustain us?

Recent events:

Naked Homo

    Staged by Andrew McKinnon, Programme Director of Birkbeck's MA in Creative Producing.

    Thursday, 17th May 2012, 6-7.30pm

    Performance followed by Q&A: Naked Homo - written and performed by Martin Lewton - is a provocative series of individual takes on naked gay life. Naked Homo appears at Birkbeck before opening at the Brighton Fringe Festival in May 2012. Martin Lewton won the Brighton Festival's Star of the Festival 2011 for the critically acclaimed Billy Budd Sailor, a site-specific adaptation of Herman Melville's novel. Naked Homo is Approx 45 minute performance followed by Q&A.


    Staged by Aoife Monks, programme director of Birkbeck’s MA Text and Performance (with RADA), featuring academic staff from the Department of English and Humanities

    Tuesday, 16th May 2012, 7.30-9pm

    The play Freshwater was first written by Virginia Woolf in 1935 for an amateur production in her sister’s L-shaped studio on Fitzroy Street. A gentle satire of the bohemian world of Woolf’s great-aunt Julia Margaret Cameron, the play is performed by academics in the Department of English in their own amateur-theatrical rehearsed reading in the L-shaped J.M. Keynes Library, 46 Gordon Square, where Woolf lived from 1904-1907.
    Listen to this performance online now

Bite-Sized: new performance work created at Birkbeck

    Tuesday 15 May 2012, 6-9pm

    Sample twelve brand new 5 minute plays by students on Birkbeck’s Creative Writing, directed by Birkbeck’s MFA Theatre Directing Directors, and a buffet of works-in–progress by directors.

    Presented as part of Arts Week 2012.

Work Songs, presented by the dangerologists

    Friday 24 February 2012, 6.30pm

    In a thoroughly average corporate office, Tom and Brody are risk analysts with a Sisyphean job; a inbox that never gets smaller. They work and fight and look forward to lunch. Then one day the good chair is taken away and all hell breaks loose.

    Work Songs is a dance-theatre and physical comedy performance exploring concepts of labour, training, attention, effort and exhaustion. the dangerologists devise physical theatre around a process of intensive physical training and the working model of ‘rowdy play.’ Work Songs explores forced relationships formed on competition and close proximity. As the two guys compete for promotions and esteem, their conflict is physicalized in the most literal way as they wrestle for the company’s love. By investigating the concept of physical work through the office environment, the dangerologists explore concepts of masculinity, daily drudgery, and the possibility of fulfilling work in the new economy.

    Choreographed and performed by Broderick Chow & Tom Wells.