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We curate a diverse programme of events, consisting of workshops, seminars, lectures, symposia and performances.  The majority of our events are open to public audiences. Unless otherwise stated, they are free of charge to attend. Some of our events during the course of a year will address a particular research theme. For 2016-17, our theme is transmission.

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No Way Out: Theatre as a Mediatised Practice

On Friday 21 April 2017, we host the first day of No Way Out: Theatre as a Mediatised Practice, a two-day TaPRA Performance & New Technologies Working Group Interim Event taking place on Friday 21 and Saturday 22 April 2017. The event is organised and convened by Maria Chatzichristodoulou (LSBU) and Seda Ilter (Birkbeck).

Mediatisation – the increasingly pervasive influence of new media technologies in the form of social institutions and ideological apparatuses on society, culture and consciousness since the late twentieth century – has radically shaped our everyday lives and relationships. Mediatisation as a social and cognitive phenomenon has changed the way theatre and performance are produced, shaped, performed and perceived. This shift has led to a state where there is nothing left outside of mediatisation. Hence, we argue, all contemporary theatre and performance today is mediatised.

No Way Out features two keynote speeches - Professor Matthew Causey (Trinity College) on Friday 20 April 2017 at Birkbeck, and Professor Andy Lavender (Surrey) on Saturday 21 April 2017 at LSBU.

Theatres of Contagion: Infectious Performance

Thursday 11-Friday 12 May 2017

  • How have theatre and performance represented, examined or been implicated in the transmission and circulation of medical and psychological conditions?
  • How has our understanding of these relationships and phenomena changed over time, across cultures, including via developments in interdisciplinary practice and inquiry?

At least since Thebes was beset by plague, western theatre has incubated a fascination with its own contagious power. This has extended beyond investigating medical and psychological conditions on stage, to both exploring and protecting against performance’s capacity to transmit ideas, illnesses, feelings and behaviours. This two-day symposium puts the relationship between theatre and contagion under the microscope, to assess it from a range of humanities, medical, psychological and scientific perspectives, and by looking to diverse forms including drama, theatre, live art, dance, musical and cultural performance.

Keynote speakers:

  • Bridget Escolme (Queen Mary University of London)
  • Kirsten Shepherd-Barr (University of Oxford)

With performances by:

  • Dickie Beau (Re-Member Me)
  • David Slater and Entelechy Arts (BED)

With financial support by Birkbeck Wellcome Trust ISSF, BiGS (Birkbeck Gender and Sexuality) and Birkbeck Centre for Contemporary Theatre.


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GRiT: Graduate Research in Theatre

A forum for postgraduate students, academics and Centre Fellows to meet, share and discuss current scholarship and research in progress. Termly sessions focus on the Centre’s research theme, which for 2016-17 is transmission. Contact Fintan Walsh at for further information.

London Theatre Seminar

The Centre also supports the intercollegiate London Theatre Seminar, which is hosted by the Institute of English Studies, and takes place at Senate House. Sessions run from 6.30-8.30pm.

  • 12 January 2017: Researching Amateur Theatre, with Helen Nicolson (RHUL), Nadine Holdsworth (Warwick) and Jane Milling (Exeter)
  • 2 February 2017: Ayumi Fujioka (Sugiyama University, Japan and Visiting Scholar, SOAS), ‘Early 20th Century Transcultural Popular Entertainment in the British and Japanese Theatre: From Edwardian Musical Comedy to Teigeki Actress Plays’ & Jim Davis (University of Warwick), ‘Some Aspects of Anglo-Australian Cultural Exchange 1880-1960’ NB: This talk is supported by the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS) London.
  • 9 March 2017: Dariusz Kosiński (Jagiellonian University)
  • 27 April 2017: Panel on Contemporary Political Theatre, in collaboration with European Theatre Research Network with Bryce Lease (RHUL), Peter Boenisch (University of Kent), Claire Finburgh (Kent), Helen Gush (V&A) and Günter Heeg (University of Leipzig)
  • 11 May 2017: Postgraduate Panel with Jessica Worden (Brunel University London) and Yaron Shyldkrot (University of Surrey)

For more info and directions, visit the London Theatre Seminar website.