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Birkbeck Centre for Contemporary Theatre

Established in 2007, Birkbeck Centre for Contemporary Theatre is devoted to fostering a critical and creative culture in which artists can develop their practice. We offer practitioners the opportunity to engage in dialogue with theatre critics and scholars, to pursue and research current theatre projects, and to benefit from the expertise available at Birkbeck.

The Centre hosts a range of events that promote an ongoing public discussion around the role, future and function of theatre practice. For 2012-13, the focus of these events is Patronage, in relation to how artwork is commissioned, supported, funded, and financed in the contemporary moment and historically. The centre has welcomed many distinguished writers, performers, producers, artists, critics, scholars and directors to speak publicly about their work.

As part of this mission to foster artist development, the centre hosts residencies for artistic associates and honorary research fellowships in which theatre makers, writers, scholars and critics make use of the resources available through the dedicated studio and gallery spaces and offices in our Arts building at 43 Gordon Square.

The Centre for Contemporary Theatre is pleased to welcome Jonathan Young and Teunkie Van Der Sluijs who have joined us as our new Associate Artists for 2012-13.

The Centre’s work is closely associated with Birkbeck’s degree programmes in Theatre Studies, Directing, Producing and Creative Writing.

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