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CFP: Fluid Physicalities conference

During 2016, Fluid Physicalities has been running as a seminar series. We now invite papers, panels, and other forms of presentation for our closing conference on 10th March 2017

Fluid Physicalities: day conference, 10th March 2017.

Blood; ejaculate; spit & phlegm; tears; mucus & pus; urine; diarrhoea; milk; vomit; sweat. Sometimes the body seems to be a leaky collection of liquids, a porous and productive entity, a body that repeatedly transgresses its own boundaries through seeping and oozing, or even gushing. During 2016, Fluid Physicalities has been running as a seminar series, convened by Anthony Bale and Esther Leslie and hosted by Birkbeck College’s School of Arts. We now invite papers, panels, and other forms of presentation for our closing conference, to be held through the day at Birkbeck, School of Arts, Gordon Square, London, on 10th March 2017, 10am-7pm.

Please send short abstracts and proposals (max 150 words) to Anthony Bale and Esther Leslie at by Friday 6th January 2017. Each presentation slot is 20 minutes, but we invite panels and non-traditional modes of presentation too, such as performance or installation.

Our project is interdisciplinary and, through its investigation of bodily fluids, it speaks to a broad conception of embodiment that lies at the interface of culture and medical knowledge. It mobilizes a variety of analytic modes from literature and humanities, hard and social sciences, art practice and performance and elsewhere, in order to explore those fluids that are intimate to each of us, but sometimes alienated from us by emotions such as disgust or by social and cultural taboos.  We seek to make links to questions of health and well-being, disease and biomedical exploration across historical and contemporary settings and in relation to changing conceptions of self and others. Our focus is on explorations on human practices and thinking, but will, on occasion, as with breastmilk, draw on cross-species and animal practices. Participants are encouraged to be interdisciplinary in their mode of study and inventive in relation to presentation.

We have up to 10 travel bursaries for post-grad and early career presenters. These will be allocated once the programme is finalised.