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Majorana Prize

Department Fellow wins Majorana Prize

Basil Hiley, an Honorary Research Fellow in the department, has been awarded the prestigious Majorana Prize for "Best person in physics" in 2012.

He was awarded the prize for his fundamentals contribution to Theoretical Physics, in particular for the Algebraic Approach to Quantum Mechanics which has made possible a deeper understanding of non-locality and the Quantum Mechanics and Quantum Field Theories' connections. In addition to his achievements, his paramount importance as natural philosopher, his critical and open minded attitude towards the role of science in  contemporary culture were also recognised.

“I would like to take this opportunity to formally acknowledge the considerable mathematical help I have received from Maurice de Gosson, Ernst Binz and Fabio Frescura without whose input my work would not have been possible.  I would also like to acknowledge the input of my colleagues Robert Callaghan, David Robson and Graham Yendall who have helped me clarify many difficult points that have cropped up over the years and above all the acknowledge the considerable input of David Bohm whose discussion have made my work possible”. B. J. Hiley.

Published: 09 April 2013