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Birkbeck computing facilities

Computing facilities at Birkbeck are co-ordinated by Birkbeck IT services (ITS). They used to be known as CCS (central computing services) and you may still see this abbreviation around for a while!
You will be sent an ITS username, password and email address within a few days of enrolling at Birkbeck. Even if you already have an email address, you will need your username and password:

  • to use the computer rooms on campus;
  • to access the workstations in the library;
  • to access certain parts of the Birkbeck website, for example the Birkbeck eLibrary,
  • to download lecture notes for various courses.

You are expected to monitor your Birkbeck email account as this will be used for official College communication. If it is more convenient, you can arrange for messages to be automatically forwarded from your Birkbeck email account to your own account elsewhere. To do this, visit the forwarding and vacation email pages where you will login and complete a form.

You can read your Birkbeck email remotely using the webmail service here.

If you have any problems with email or the college computers, you may contact the ITS helpdesk by phone, email or in person. Contact details are on the ITS webpage.