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Econometrics Project


Project Guidelines

  • The completed project must be handed in at the end of the first week of the third term. Staple it together but do not put it in a binder or folder.
  • The maximum length of the project is 5,000 words, we stop reading after that. Tables, graphs and technical appendices are not included in this total.
  • The data you used should be provided on disk, CD or memory stick, with your name on it, in an envelope, which also has your name on it, stapled to the back of the project. You can use any program, but the data must be provided in a way that allows us to replicate your results.
  • The first page of the project should have:
  1. title
  2. abstract
  3. your name
  4. the programme you are following (PGCert Econometrics)
  5. the computer programs you used (e.g. EViews, Stata, Excel, Gretl, R) and a word count.
  6. The pages should have page numbers.
  7. The project should be divided into properly titled sections, with an introduction and conclusion.
  8. The project should have a clear description of the data: sources and definitions, units of measurement, etc. The data should be appropriately graphed.
  9. The project should look and read like and academic article with references to the literature listed in a bibliography.
  10. Do discuss the project with other students, people at work, etc. But the project must be your own work. Plagiarism is heavily penalised and more di¢ cult to get away with than you may think.

The Further information can be found in the Econometrics module handbook under the Econometrics Project (link).