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Arupratan Daripa

Lecturer in Financial Economics
BA (VisvaBharati), MA (Delhi School of Economics), Ph.D. (Princeton)

Research Interests

  • Mechanism Design and Auctions
  • Financial Crises
  • Ambiguity and Dynamic Incentives
  • Non-Market Credit Institutions
  • Banking


  • Microeconomics (MSc Economics) [Fall]: For students
  • Financial Markets, Banking and Regulation (MSc Financial Economics) [Spring]
  • Industrial Economics (Option) [Summer]

Working Papers

Published Articles

  • Shills and Snipes (with S. Bose) Games and Economic Behavior, 2017, Vol 104, pp 507-516.
  • Labour's Record on Financial Regulation (with S. Kapur and S. Wright) Oxford Review of Economic Policy, 2013, Vol 29 (No 1), pp 71-94.
  • Ensuring Sales: A Theory of Inter-Firm Credit (with J. Nilsen) American Economic Journal: Microeconomics, 2011, Vol 3 (No 1), pp 245-279. WP Version Journal Article
  • A Dynamic Mechanism and Surplus Extraction Under Ambiguity (with S. Bose) Journal of Economic Theory, 2009, Vol 144 (No 5), pp 2084-2114. WP Version Journal Article And for something completely different, here is a wordle picture of the paper
  • Optimal Sale Across Venues and Auctions with a Buy Now Option  (with S. Bose)  Economic Theory, 2009, Vol 38 (No 1), pp 137-168.  WP version Journal Article
  • Ex Ante Versus Ex Post Regulation of Bank Capital (with S. Varotto) Published as Chapter 2 in Banking and Capital Markets: New International Perspectives, edited by H. Black, E. Kane and L.P. Blenman, World Scientific Press, June 2010, pp 29-58.
  • Optimal Collective Contract without Peer Monitoring or Peer Information  Journal of Development Economics, 2008, Vol 86 (No 1), pp 147-163.  WP Version Journal Article

Contact details

Phone: +44 (0) 20 7631 6421
Room: 729
Office Hours: By appointment

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