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Alastair Ball

Lecturer in Economics


My research is in health and labour economics, with a primary focus on the economic costs of exposure to atmospheric pollution. My secondary fields are the economics of education, and of migration. For a list of recent research output, please see below. For more information and downloads, please see my personal site, or my site on BIROn, the Birkbeck institutional repository.

  • University Fees and the Demand for STEM Degrees
    Applied Economics Letters

  • The Life-long Costs of Urban Smogs

  • Hidden Costs of the Great London Smog: Evidence from Missing Births

  • India's Urban Pollution: Economic Costs for the Next Generation


Work in progress

  • The Long-Term Health Costs of Urban Smogs: Evidence from Cancer Registrations

  • Contemporaneous Exposures to Pollution (with Nico Pestel and Arnaud Chevalier)

  • The Effects of Emigration on Crime at Source (with Elie Murard)

  • Hiring Motivated Teachers: The Effects of Entry Wages on Teacher Retention

You can also see a video of me talking about some of my research, and more generally about the economic costs of pollution below.


Teaching 2017/8

This academic year, I am teaching in the following modules: Microeconomic Theory and Policy; IT and Professional Skills;  Quantitative Techniques for Applied Economics; Econometrics (classes); and Economics of Financial Markets.

For more information on these classes, please visit the relevent page on the Moodle. For further information on Microeconomic Theory and Policy, you can also see a short video describing the course below.


I'm available for office hours, either in person or over skype. Please send an email to book a twenty minute slot.



Room: 733

Office Hours: email for appointment

Personal site: link