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Our research

As the longest standing specialised department of Organizational Psychology in the UK, we are deeply committed to our tradition of critical, crossdisciplinary and innovative research. We celebrate diversity regarding the topics we study, the methods we use, the settings for our research as well as our own backgrounds.

Our facilities for research range from a dedicated pump priming funding scheme from our School of Business, Economics and Informatics to software licences for Qualtrics and other tools, as well as funding for panel data or participant reimbursements though School-level grants.

Research centres and networks

Our academics, researchers and MPhil/PhD students work together via research centres, networks, groups and societies. These cut across departments, subjects and areas of expertise, to encourage and enable innovative, interdisciplinary research.

Research projects and publications

Our staff are engaged in a variety of research projects, among them the following:

Our community and networks

We are committed to making a positive difference to organisations through the integrity of our research and relevance to practice. We work with a range of stakeholders to enhance organisational practice, support people and teams through change and facilitate diversity and inclusion. Our partners include organisations (e.g. Highways UK), charities (e.g. Parents and Carers in Performing Arts) and professional associations (e.g. the Royal College of Physicians, where jointly delivered courses result in a range of publications).

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