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Profesor Linda Trenberth

Linda Trenberth’s main research focus is on work and well-being with a particular emphasis on the relationship between work-stress, leisure, coping and work-life balance. This stream of work has made a significant contribution to advancing knowledge in the way people cope with work stress and develop work-life balance, and has led to a number of important publications in high quality peer reviewed international interdisciplinary journals. Recently, she has completed a large project for developing a methodology for assessing work stress and bullying. This research has had significant impact and reach and is now being extended throughout the ASEAN countries.

Linda is Dean (Academic) with Griffith Business School, Australia. Previous to this appointment she was Deputy Dean of the School of Business, Economics and Informatics. She joined Birkbeck in 2000 by developing the very successful Sport Business Management Programme in the Department of Management. She also set up the Birkbeck Sport Business Centre with her colleagues Sean Hamil and Geoff Walters. Linda is on the Editorial Board for Stress and Health and a reviewer for several journals, as well as contributing to and co-editing a number of sport management texts.


Some Recent Publications

Gardner, D., Bentley, T., Cooper-Thomas, H., O’Driscoll, M., Catley, B. & Trenberth, L. (Accepted for publication), Ethnicity, workplace bullying, social support and psychological strain in Aotearoa/New Zealand, New Zealand Journal of Psychology

Cooper-Thomas, H., Gardner, D., O'Driscoll, M., Bentley, T., Catley, B. & Trenberth, L. (2013). Neutralizing workplace bullying: the buffering effects of contextual factors, Journal of Managerial Psychology (Special Edition), 28 (4), 384 – 407.

Cooper-Thomas, H., Gardner, D., O'Driscoll, M., Catley, B. M., Bentley, T. & Trenberth, L. (2013). Neutralizing workplace bullying: the buffering effects of contextual factors, Journal of Managerial Psychology, 28 (4), 384-408.

Catley, B., Bentley, T., Cooper Thomas, H., Gardner, D., O’Driscoll, M., & Trenberth, L. (2013). Managing workplace bullying in New Zealand: Perspectives from Occupational and Health Practitioners.  Journal of Management and Organization, 28 (4)

Leberman, S., Trenberth, L. & Collins, C. (2012). Sport business management in Aotearoa/New Zealand, Australia: Thomson.

Dewe, P., & Trenberth, L. (2012). Exploring the relationship between appraisals and stressful encounters and the associated emotions in a work setting. Work & Stress 26, 1-14.


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