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Keith Kahn-Harris

Keith Kahn-Harris received his doctorate from Goldsmiths College, University of London in 2001 and has been a visiting lecturer and fellow in Israel, Sweden, Finland and Australia. He is an associate lecturer at the Open university, convenor of the project New Jewish Thought and a freelance research consultant working in the UK Jewish community. Research interests include: sociology of religion, popular music, Jewish studies, ethnicity/race, dialogue, transgression, youth culture, and more information on these is available on his personal website.

 Recent publications include:


Extreme Metal: Music and Culture on the Edge, Berg Publishers, December 2006              

(Editor with Andrew Bennett) After Subculture: Critical Studies in Subcultural Theory and Research, Palgrave, 2004

Journal articles:

 ‘The ‘Failure’ of Youth Culture: Music, Politics and Reflexivity in the Black Metal Scene’ in The European Journal of Cultural Studies, 7/1 2004, pp 95-111

‘I Hate This Fucking Country’: Dealing with the Global and the Local in the Israeli Extreme Metal Scene’ Critical Studies 19: Music, Popular Culture, Identities, 2002 pp 133-151

Book chapters:

End All Around US: Apocalyptic Texts and Popular Culture, London: Equinox, 2006,  pp22-42

‘Sozdanie evreiskogo repa: parodija, pastish, sinkretizm’ ['Creating Jewish Rap: Parody, Pastiche and Syncretism’] in A. Smirnitskaya (ed) Muzyika Idishkaita [Music of Yiddishkite]. Vol. 4.Moscow: MAKS Press, 2008, pp 128-150.

(with Steven M. Cohen) ‘Beyond Belonging: Jewish Identities of Moderately Engaged British Jews in the UK’ in S. Cohen and B. Susser (eds) Ambivalent Jew: Charles Leibman in Memorial, Jewish Theological Seminary of America, 2007, pp67-88

'Unspectacular Subculture?: Transgression and Mundanity in the Global Extreme Metal Scene', in A. Bennett and K. Kahn-Harris (eds) After Subculture: Critical Studies in Subcultural Theory and Research, Palgrave, 2004 pp 107-118

‘Death Metal and the Limits of Musical Expression’ in Cloonan, M and Garofalo, R (ed), Policing Popular Music, Temple University Press, 2003 pp 81-99


‘Communities in Conversation: Jewish Involvement in Inter Faith Activities in the UK’, Published by the Board of Deputies of British Jews, May 2009.

 ‘Findings of a Mapping Study of Efforts to Combat Anti-Semitism, Racism and Xenophobia at the Local, Communal and Grassroots Levels in Europe’, Commissioned by the Rothschild Foundation, 2007.

(Co-supervised with Dilwar Hussain) ’A Mapping Report of Positive Contact Between British Muslims and British Jews’, Commissioned by Alif-Aleph UK, 2005

(With Steven M. Cohen) Beyond Belonging: The Jewish Identities of Moderately Engaged British Jews, London: UJIA / Profile Books, 2004

‘Positive Contacts between British Muslims and British Jews: A Model of Good Practice for all British Communities’ Commissioned by Alif-Aleph UK, 2003

Other articles:

‘The Politics of Brisket: Jews and The Wire’ in Darkmatter, no. 4, 29 May, 2009  

‘Jews Talking About Talking About Israel’ in Haaretz Online, 22 May 2009

‘Debating the Debate’ in The Jewish Quarterly, Spring 2009, 50-54

(with David Hayes) 'The Politics of ME, ME, ME' in Open Democracy 9 Jan 2009

'British Jews and Israel: A New Relationship?' in Guardian Comment is Free 13 Jan 2009

‘The Jewish Community in Britain: It Still Doesn’t Feel Right’ in Manna issue 101 Autumn 2008

‘Is Britain Good for the Jews’ in The Jerusalem Post (paper and online editions) June 18 2008

 ‘A Real Peace Movement?’ in Guardian Comment Is Free  6 March 2008

‘How to talk about things we know nothing about’ in Open Democracy 22 February 2008

‘Intra-Faith to Faith’ in Guardian Comment is Free, January 15 2008

'People, you really ought to talk to each other' in The Jewish Chronicle, 11 January 2008, p31

‘Dwellers and Seekers’ in The Jewish Quarterly Autumn 2007, 60-1

‘The Seductions of Denial’ in Open Democracy, September 2007

‘A Response to Ruth Rosenfelder’ [part of the collection ‘The Problem With Dialogue’] on the New Jewish Thought website, September 2007

‘Boycotts and Ethics’ on the Jeneration website, November 23 2007

 ‘The Hermeneutics of Anti-Anti-Semitism’ on the New Jewish Thought website, 2006

 ‘Preparing for the Pains of Peace’ in Sh’ma 36, November 2005

‘The Aesthetics of Hate Music’ essay commissioned for ‘Anti-Semitism and xenophobia today’ website, 2004

‘Jews and Black Music: A Difficult Relationship’ in Jewish Renaissance, 6/3, 29-30, 2004

‘Ein Verwaistes Land? Israel und die Extreme Metal-Szene’ in Testcard 6, 2001

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