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Research Integrity at Birkbeck

Birkbeck is a research-intensive university. Central to our mission is the aim of maintaining and developing excellence in research and providing the highest quality research training in all our subject areas, and also of making available the results of research and the expertise acquired, through teaching, publication, partnerships with other organisations and the promotion of civic and public debate. It is embedded in the culture of Birkbeck that we should carry out excellent research across the entire range of disciplines represented in the College’s Schools; that this research should range across ‘blue skies’ scientific work, cutting edge scholarship in the arts, humanities and social sciences, and highly applicable interventions in technology, social policy and artistic work; and that we seek to offer research-led and research-informed teaching at all levels.

Birkbeck expects all members of the College, including staff and students and anyone conducting research on College premises or using College facilities, to observe the highest standards of professionalism, independent thought and application of ethical principles in the conduct of their research.  The documents listed here provide guidelines on the issues involved in the proper conduct of research, including ethical review, and on the standards expected. While detailed aspects of the guidelines are more applicable to some subject areas or groups of people than others, the principles of good research practice are relevant to all subject areas.

For formal queries relating to research integrity or research ethics please contact:

Vice Master and Chair of the College Ethics Committee, Professor Matthew Innes

Pro-Vice Master Research, Professor Julian Swann

For informal queries relating to research integrity or research ethics please contact:

Head of Research Strategy Support, Dr Sarah Lee

Research Integrity and Research Ethics

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