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School of Business, Economics and Informatics - Birkbeck, University of London

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School of Business, Economics and Informatics

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Professional Bodies Event

An opportunity to speak to representatives

Graduate Diploma Economics

From the Department of Economics, Mathematics and Statistics

Data Analytics MSc

From the Department of Computer Science and Information Systems

Marketing BSc

From the Department of Management

Business Psychology BSc

From the Department of Organizational Psychology

Graduation ceremony marks successful conclusion of FIFPRO Executive Education Programme

Seventeen officials from football player associations from 15 countries complete Birkbeck co-designed programme

Birkbeck team places third in UK University Trading Challenge

Students excel in competition designed to showcase their financial skills and acumen to industry professionals

Students must prepare early to succeed in tough graduate job market

Findings from research conducted by Andrew Clements whilst studying for MSc Occupational Psychology, under the supervision of Dr Caroline Kamau, are presented at DOP conference.

What do our students think about studying in our School?

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