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Workshop: Counselling Skills and Perspectives for Managers and Professionals

Teaching staff from the Department of Organizational Psychology who are also professional practitioners offer a flexible training package developed over seven years for HR managers, outplacement professionals and career counsellors. This programme equips participants with the skills (and their theoretical underpinning) to make an effective response to the complexity of relationships in the workplace.

For Team Managers

  • We can teach you practical counselling skills that can transform routine appraisal interviews. We can also offer role consultation, mentoring and coaching for managers and their staff to explore work related issues, to consider fresh perspectives and to plan and manage career change and development.

For HR Specialists

  • ‘I feel guilty and inadequate when I’m called upon to deal with questions of redundancy.’
  • The acquisition of basic counselling skills can help here too along with learning from detailed case discussion of the individuals and situations you face.

For Outplacement Consultants

  • ‘I don’t know how to respond to the personal issues that clients bring.’
  • We can equip you with the skills to make an appropriate response or referral. In addition, through in-depth case discussion you can learn to put these complexities in context and offer a more satisfactory and satisfying service to clients.


Our workshops and career development consultancy are offered to groups on a bespoke basis so they are tailored to the particular needs of participants.

These services are offered as a one-day or series of day workshops by trained and experienced consultants. Topics may include:

  • counselling skills for appraisals
  • handling redundancy
  • responding to personal issues
  • job role development
  • managing career change