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Facilities and equipment for hire

Birkbeck offers a range of specialist facilities and equipment:

Birkbeck Cinema

  • The Birkbeck Cinema, based in Gordon Square, is a state-of-the-art screening theatre, constructed to complement our film and visual media courses, but it is also available for commercial hire.

Computer workstation rooms to hire

Conference / classroom facilities

  • Based in central London, in beautiful Bloomsbury, we offer lecture theatres fully equipped with the latest in audiovisual technology to small flat-floored classrooms with natural daylight and moveable furniture.
  • Check our facilities to see what we can offer you.
  • Contact us to discuss your specific requirements.

Labs for hire

Testing services

  • Birkbeck has significant expertise in the field of crystallography, specialising in experimental and theoretical protein structure.
  • Our research teams can assist you in one or more of the following steps:
    • crystallisation
    • secure data collection
    • secure data processing
    • structure analysis
  • We can also provide expert consultancy or research and welcome proposals for collaborative projects.
  • Contact Ambrose Cole to discuss your specific requirements.