Robert Boyle (1627-91): Work-diary XXIV ('Chimical Notes continued from December')

Content: Chymical recipes from the early 1680s, many using Boyle's code and with significant alterations by Boyle and by an unidentified hand.

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Work-diary entries

[Authorial heading]:
CHIMICAL NOTES Continued from December

Entry 1: Editorial notes:

To {ounce} 1 of Baracle take 5 or {ounce} 6 of Banasis, & grind them together till they be exquisitely mingled, put the powder into a Crucible. & add to it by degrees, as much as the mixture weighs or thereabouts, of pure Ormum then separate the metall thus purifyed & mix with it a convenient quantity of fine Lune & of the Volatile Regulus made in the form of Globes with oyle, melt them together in a Crucible, & with an equall or double weight of Lead procede secundum artem

Entry 2: Editorial notes:

[largely illegible due to damage caused by hole in page caused by spilled acid]Take of Vagalus well burnt and then [d]exposd a while to the Air, and of Banatu finely pouderd and well incorporated with it æquall parts Decoct them well together and haveing separated <the Regulus> beate it to fine powder, and with Tacula make [...] of a sublimat which will be <perhaps> [...] on the bottom, but [d] afterw[ards][...] enough with this sublimat mix an [...][we]ight of Salt of tartar upon the w[...] both of good Quicklime and [...][we]ll incorporated them, put them [...]d a furnace capable of give[ing][...] fire and proceed secundum artem <: tis I thi[nk][...] Negerus of antimony.>

Entry 3: Editorial notes:

[largely illegible due to damage caused by hole in page caused by spilled acid]Take [...][B]arachid one part of <Baquilla> two p. [...][dis]till them ad siccitatem and put all the [...][ov]er upon half a part (or quarter of a part if it be very weak) of Baracle: Let it evaporate away with a pritty quick fire, and <mix> the remaining powder [d] with Quatrum in fusion in its proper vessel. < and try what you will be able to obtain by Cupellation >

Entry 4: Editorial notes:

Take of Taquema <+> well dry'd and pouderd one part <[...]> two of the American stones <+> very finely pouderd and [m]ix'd with the other one part keep them in fusion for about an hower. < tis to obtain [...] something that is like it from A Mea[...]>

Entry 5: Editorial notes:

Take of barachid and Ornum æquall parts or thereabouts, put them together into a Crucible over which invert an other with a hole at the bottom, these being luted together keepe them in fusion for a full hower and then the work is done

Entry 6: Editorial notes:

Take one part of the minerall you know <(viz {antimony} or {lead})> and 6 or 7 of Coramen or the Venetian Salt melt them together in a brisk fire and separate /BP 25, 52/ the glass from the other part

Entry 7: Editorial notes:

Take one part of good white wine < q. if not {sulphur}> Tartar beaten to fine powder, and 3 parts of strong beaten quick lime, put them stratum super stratum in a large pipkin, that may not be near filld with the Ingredients [d] then pour upon it actually and strongly boiling water let it stay some howers upon them stirring them from time to time to make as strong a lixivium as it can poure off the clear or filter the Lixivium Evaporate them ad siccitatem <upon> the remaining substance digest good spirit of wine and extract a high Tincture which by drawing off the spirit, you may thicken at pleasure. and of the re[maining] liquor give 6, 8. 10 drops.

Entry 8: Editorial notes:

Take a [...] Kursella and pure {mercury} ana {ounce} 1[...][f]ormer per se and heat the wat[er][...] other Crucible untill it beginn to smoake [...][th]en put them together and make [...] le Amalgam on which if any scum a [...] the fire it must be taken off from [...] This mixture must be ground upon a marble or other stone with faire water till it be clean and sweet and for greater security you may digest it a while in a good heat with spirit of wine, [d]

Entry 9: Editorial notes:

The dosis is 2 gr or 3 [...] about a scruple of pillulæ Rudii be[fore][...] morning.

Entry 10: Editorial notes:

Take of the <liquid> extract made of very well dryed opium with spirit of vinegar, and of the thin extract drawn by pure Spirit of wine [d] from saffron equall parts or thereabouts to which add a 4th part of the Saffrons weight of the Cochaneel dissolved in as much rectified {spirit of wine} as will serve the turn, mix all these and give of this Tincture [blank space in MS, 7 characters] drops pro dosi.

/BP 25, 53/

Entry 11: Editorial notes:

Take a liquor made only of the red fumes of Ormum + and poure 1 lb of it upon {ounce} 6 of the same (fresh) body crude but very pure, distill these ex arena and <you will have an> allmost insipid menstruum [d]

Entry 12: Editorial notes:

Take of Mars {ounce} 2, Albudo {ounce} 4 bring them in a strong fire to be ready to melt, and then cast on them (not all at once) 1 lb {antimony}, keepe them a time in fusion and poure them out into a fitt vessell, where under a slack resembling a fine Marchasite there will settle a Regulus which you must rest on a Test <or> Cuppell, till it either cease to fume or doe begin to cover it self. Then mix with <it> one part of Barachid and one part of Bavarum and then proceed with Lead secundum artem < <[> tis for an extraction or Augment.>

Entry 13: Editorial notes:

Take of Torus <[Tura I thinke]> one part, of Tasaifa 8 parts and of Tura about 4 parts; when the second is ready to melt, put in by degrees a little of the third and when the mixture is melted, cast in the first and increase the fire that all may be perfectly united in to a red fusible substance, as [d] to sense homogeneous. Then continue at least the fire if you doe not increase it, casting in by degrees the rest of the Tura and keepeing all in good fusion in which 'twill appeare in an Uniform reddish substance dissoluble in water wine and {spirit of wine}. But if you keepe it in the fire too long 'twill vitrify <tis to make a Vitrum Solare> .

Entry 14: Editorial notes:

Take two parts of S sal mirabile one part of Durca and keepe them stratified in a good fire for two or three howers.

Entry 15: Editorial notes:

Take of good Sublimate one part, and of strong Sp of Taquema 2 parts (q) (or els vice versa) and haveing distill'd them ad siccitatem in this menstruum dissolve Japan copper, which will let fall a white substance reducible by Borax or Anatron or Nitre in to seeming Sylver, which yet being mixd with the above said /BP 25, 54/ metal will as to great part of it be brought to the same nature by a meer quartation <: tis an odde Mettiline experiment>

Entry 16: Editorial notes:

Remember the calcineing of the Marchasites mentiond in the 15 Essay as you would calcine {antimony} by which præparation they will be fitted for the great septinary flux powder.

Entry 17: Editorial notes:

About June or July leave wormwood July flowers &c expos'd to the Sun beams, that they may become some what dry and Magnetical: And then distill them S. A. in common Vessells; < tis a good way of drying such herbs and better then if they were dryd in the Shad. >

Entry 18: Editorial notes:

Remember the extinction of Magnetic Mars in the ferrific oil

Entry 19: Editorial notes:

Remember the nitrous Vitriol of Copper.

Entry 20: Editorial notes:

{Rx} Banasis <+> Quartum, menstruum Sicum <+> and of the Minerall to be wrought upon as durca <+> , keepe them in fusion together for about ¼ or ½ an hour, (in which operation they will not looke very much of their weight) and then make the separation without <cupellation> Accordingly in the same manner proceed with Emery, Jaspers, &c < to extract Sol or Lune out of Menerals.>

Entry 21: Editorial notes:

Distill Vagallus and Separate <ing> the oil rectify the remaining liquor: calcine the Caput Mortuum but not strongly, and haveing dissolv'd filterd and coagulated take what portion of it you please and put to it eight times its weight of the said rectifyed [d] liquor the commotion being ceasd distill off all the liquor with a pritty strong fire at last: dissolve the remaining substance [d] in Tilma, abstract <it> ad Mella[gine]m Put upon it again the same rectified sp was put on at first, and set apart the red solution that will be made of a good part of it. <On> the remaines poure the same sp (not Tilma) twas put on at first, and then abstract the solution totally from the remaining part, dissolve that also in fresh Tilma, and so proceed till there remain little or nothing to be dissolv'd. Mix all these solutions, which will be red[d], and abstract them till there remain a very red extract behind the sp: (that will pass tincted over) which extract being farther pressd will ascend in a great part in a dry form.

/BP 25, 55/

Entry 22: Editorial notes:

Take Sublimat that has been 2 or 3 times elevated per se & mix with it <very well> an equal part of Sal Armoniac, subliming them together a second or third time still rejecting the volatile farina, take the rest & by Solution <may be per Deliq.> & distillation [d] < and it will be both a good menst and a baseis for [d] other good solvents >

Entry 23: Editorial notes:

Dissolve Quatrum in Aq fort præcipitate it with a solution of sea salt, edulcorate the Præcipitate, add to it an equal weight of genuine Calx of Cursella, distill the mixture with a strong fire, of the butter that will stick in the neck make a Medicine with Nitre & distill that also, mix'd with an equal weight of Crude Tartar in a very strong fire & proceede with what comes over S A < reviving it with quick lime or other proper salts into Megirus >

Entry 24: Editorial notes:

The Tartar Emet of Helvet. does often loose his vertue if one drinke in a short time after it especially if the liquor be milk.

Entry 25: Editorial notes:

Take pure Negerus, Dakilla[d] embrionated banasis ana, mix them very well together & drive off all that you can in a Retort with a strong fire of sand, put the liquor that comes over upon fresh species & repeate the operation 3, 4 or 5 times the oftner the better /BP 25, 56/ and the liquor will be well impregnated with a vertue of the species, & thereby enabled to dissolve Gold readily, and that, with sensible heat < so that this Negerus may for most purposes serve instead of that of antimony. >

Entry 26: Editorial notes:

Remember in the essay of Occult Qualitys <to shew> that [prepar'd opium works very differently according to the Subjects. For some (as a Physitian of my acquaintance) [d] it hinders from sleeping all night without causing an unusual sleepiness the day after, others as a Doctor of my Acquaintance, it usually purges by siege, & sometimes by Urin: to this Doctors wife it constantly proves emetic.

Entry 27: Editorial notes:

Tak 5 parts of <Zink> & 3 of Mercury & pressing the mixture with a strong and lasting fire proceede with the sublim. s a

Entry 28: Editorial notes:

Take of the salt <of the ashes of cuttings of vine/,> 4 parts, of burnt vagalus 1 part: In the liquor afforded <(by Deloq. or Sol.)> by these dissolve as much as you can of one part of the imperfect banasis, then abstract all the moisture [d] very well put upon it <Sp aceti> till it come over unalterd, then dry it well, & distill from it Aqua vitæ, 'till that also come off as strong as it was put on: lastly add to the dry'd remainder as much of [d]/BP 25, 57/ unburnt Vagalus as the mixture it self weighs, incorporate them very well together & distill them by degrees of fire which at last must be very intense. < and you will obtain the Negerus of the mineral >

Entry 29: Editorial notes:

Grind very well together [d] equal weights of Mercurius dulcis carefully made & pure Gumm Guttæ , & give of the mixture 12, 15, or 20 grains (or if need be [d] more) pro dosi in the yolke of an egg < for a good purge >

Entry 30: Editorial notes:

{Rx} the richest colourd [d] and in a Retort give it by degrees as strong a fire as you are able to give it in sand, continueing that fire for 5 or 6 hours, till the Caput Mortuum have acquird the Colour as wel fixity you require then cautiously breakeing the Vessell, take out the Caput Mortuum & [d] with fresh butter & the fine powder of it, make an oyntment which is to be lightly laid on upon the part affected, & renew it from time to time as often as occasion shall require < tis a spisefick against all ca[nce]r> s

Entry 31: Editorial notes:

When you have destilld the oyl of Banasis increase the fire & continue it for 5, 6, or perhaps 8 hours, then take [d] the Caput mort &, if there be any, what ascended after the oyl by the operation of a strong fire, and mix with it equal parts of calcind Tartar, Dakila, & Takola, digest it for 2 or 3 weekes in a fit place & with a fit cover; & then destill the [d] soft mixture with a gradual but at length vehement fire <and you shall have the Negerus of the minerall >

Entry 32: Editorial notes:

{Rx} Ground-Ivy & haveing beaten the Leaves & strongly expressd the Juyce give of it (either without or with a little refind sugar) a spoonfull from time to time as the Patients Stomach can well bear it. Tis excellent in bloody fluxes.

Entry 33: Editorial notes:

Make the [d] Sal Enixum <of Sea-salt> & put to it an equall weight of [d] a mixture made of four parts of Ormum, two of Tura & one of Vaconus, all of them fluxd together, take I say an equall weight /BP 25, 58/ of this mixture & of the Sal Enixum abovementiond, melt them together in a Crucible with a good fire & whilst they are in fusion, cast in by Degrees some fileings or Calx of <{gold}> & keep the mixture stirring till the Metall be dissolvd, then pour out the Mixture into a Vessell <full> of warm rain water, & proceed s a < and the liquor will penetrat as wel as tinge very thin plates of lune >

Entry 34: Editorial notes:

{Rx} Baracle and its mineral 3 parts of the latter to one of the former, mix them very well together

Entry 35: Editorial notes:

{Rx} Tora and <Cinnaber> one part of the former to 3 of the latter mix them very well together by grinding or rubbing, put the mixture in a crucible coverd with another perforated at the top, make a circular fire at a distance for five or six hours, and then <bring> the kindled coales [d] nearer till they touch the Crucible and drive off what will fly away Then unlute the Crucibles, <&> take the same quantity of fresh <Cinnaber> & proceed as before driveing away the fugitive parts. This do 4 or 5 times in all (the oftner the better) [d] <and you shall have a calx very open light and Spungy>

Entry 36: Editorial notes:

{Rx} 2 parts of Baquila & one of purified <[d] tarca> , distill them together with a pretty strong fire, in this Spirit dissolve dorminated Bavarum, then take Christalls of Nitre <(tarter I think)> one ounce, dissolve them in a pint of boileing white wine, pour the solution hot upon the other abstract the wine ad siccitatem & wash off the Christalls by several effusions of scalding water and reserve the Caput Mortuum for use < twill bee an exelent præcipitat>

Entry 37: Editorial notes:

In the foregoing Menstruum dissolve about a twelve part of its weight of Tora, then put to it [d] once or twice the weight of the Tora of [d] Salt Peter purifyd & [d] brought to be christalline Abstract the Menstruum with a pretty strong fire, and pour hot water on what remains till you have dulcifyed it well & then proceed with it s a

Entry 38: Editorial notes:

Remember ½ a pound of Celestial Mineral as much Lead, two ounces of Bohemian Tin and double the weight of all of them of Quicksilver

/BP 25, 59/

Entry 39: Editorial notes:

{Rx} Niter, <Arsen> & Tin ana, melt them down together & keep them in fusion till [d] the mixture flow clear, then reduce the metall with our <universall> reduceing Flux & twill be fit for further use < viz Cupellation>

Entry 40: Editorial notes:

{Rx} Saccharum Saturni from whence the Menstruum has not been too much abstracted, digest it for a moneth, then distill it by degrees of fire, and besides the Spirit you may employ the oyl and phlegm instead of <coper> Nayls. [d] 10 parts of the phlegm may be equivalent to one of the Oyl. The very Caput Mortuum will be odoriferous <Tis For the peservacion of flesh it &c which is to be twice or thrice lightly anointed therewith.>

Entry 41: Editorial notes:

{Rx} of Aqua Gentian compos. describd in the Dispensatory & give of it from one spoonfull to two or more against the Cachexia of Mayds & Young Women. < and espetiall for the Scurvy.>

Entry 42: Editorial notes:

Make the Sal Mirabile of Nitre with one pound of that Salt dissolvd in water and two pound of oyl of Vitriol, bring this Salt beaten to fine powder to the consistence of a Pallis with Spirit of Ormum Of this put about a scruple into a convenient quantity of water & [d] put 10 or 12 drops of it at a time upon the Mold next to the seed or plant you would medicate. < To make it wonderfully encrease.>

Entry 43: Editorial notes:

{Rx} Tobacco pipe clay well dryed & sifted two parts Quicklime finely powderd one part {sal ammoniac} also finely powderd one part /BP 25, 60/ mix them and proceed secundum artem < to make an excellent Lute >

Entry 44: Editorial notes:

{Rx} peices of <[d]> steel of a convenient bigness, put them into a Crucible wherein they may be environd to a pretty thickness with Quicklime powderd close the pot & keep it 8 or 10 hours <or much> longer in a strong [d] fire <(as <That of the glassehouse> ) to make it Iron againe.>

Entry 45: Editorial notes:

Or else heat the steel to a red heat or beyond it, & nimbly quench it in water & repeat this Ignition & extinction 4, 5, or 6 times.

Entry 46: Editorial notes:

{Rx} equal parts of Nitre & the Lapis Hollandi, pulverise & mix them & cement with them your steel, ministring the fire by degrees & at a distance till at length the Crucible [d] & the contained matter be thorowly red hot and then the Worke will almost if not quite be perfected < Tis to make A flux for steem That makes it britil metal but keeps it from rusting.>

Entry 47: Editorial notes:

The dose of the white Precipitate made with salt water & well dulcified is from 15 to 20 gr. or somwhat more made up in a little Conserve of Borage flowers, that it may be swallow'd like a bolus without chawing or sticking to the Teeth.

Entry 48: Editorial notes:

Take of good Dantzig {vitriol} {ounce} 3 calcine it moderatly to redness [d] then beate it to fine powder & put it into 3 or 4 pints of spring water, & add to it about {ounce} 1 of good Roch allom or as much as will give it a tast somewhat sweetish and not stiptic. < Tis a Stipticke Water>

/BP 25, 61/

Entry 49: Editorial notes:

Take the Cap Mort that remains after the Distillation of Banasis put to it an equall weight of fresh Menstruum & proceede according to the ordinary way; (distill <ing> what comes over [d] 2 or 3 times to make it more pure) save that when you dulcify your medicine you must doe it the first time with water scalding hot. the dosis is about a spoonfull, or, if neede be, it ought not to have any thing acid put to it after dulcification.

Entry 50: Editorial notes:

The white lithontriptic powder is scarse at all Diuretic, the dosis is as much as will lye on a middle size shilling in the morning fasting < This pouder is only made of the clear Sparr of lead ore beaten not calcind>

Entry 51: Editorial notes:

Remember the starry Sublimat <(made (I sup) of Stella & {sal ammoniac} ana> which is given after dulcification not in substance but in the Infusion to the Dose of about six Drams.

Entry 52: Editorial notes:

Remember the matter <or C. M. of {antimony}> that is to be translated out of a simple into a coated Retort, and urged with a strong fire < after all the buter has been distild over.>

Entry 53: Editorial notes:

{Rx} of ormum four pound, of Tura {pound} 2 of Tartar {pound} 1 make them flow well together, and when they are in fusion cast in a convenient quantity of Bavarum Let it boil with the other Ingredients about halfe an hour less or more. Then pour out the mixture, and dissolve as much as you can of it in distilld water, evaporating the solution to a convenient consistence and tincture and then proceed with it according to art < tis to /BP 25, 62/ make with very thin plates of Lune the transposition of metals.>

Entry 54: Editorial notes:

To one part of calx of Japan Copper[d]) take 6 parts of Cinnabar, mix them well together, and in a Crucible, coverd with another that has a hole at the top, [d] drive away by a circular fire all the Cinnabar from the [d] Calx. This do [d] six times. Then take <Pumica-stone> and <quench it 5 or 6 times in> Spirit of Vinegar, which salt must be afterwards calcind Of this last Calx take 4 parts, and of the other Ingredient one part, keepe them in a strong fire for a competent time, & with spirit of Wine proceed s a to obtain a < Red> Tincture, which may be afterwards reducd to a Balsamick Consistence < tis an operation that much opens the metal, and also makes it yeeld an excellent tincture.>

Entry 55: Editorial notes:

With Dicla and mardium prepare Nigerus by 7 operations, then mix with it Barakid a 12th part, keep it about 3 dayes in digestion till opening the Vessell from time to time toward the latter end, you perceive almost all the Barakid to have gaind the lower <quære, if not the [d] Upper> part of the Mixture Then take that lower part & separate it carefully from all the rest, & proceed with it s artem.

Entry 56: Editorial notes:

{Rx} Verdigrease & Sulphur finely powderd equal parts, distill them by degrees of fire giveing a strong one at last & the Liquor that comes over will be Sulphureous, <it> may (if need be,) be a little dephlegmd tho twill scarse yield any useless water With this make Sacchar Saturni. <use < the liquor> in the toothach>

Entry 57: Editorial notes:

Remember Oyl of Vitriol & Spirit of Salt mixd & distilld over together .

/BP 25, 63/

Entry 58: Editorial notes:

In the <[d] Aqua Pugilum or {aqua regia}> dissolve <{gold}> abstract it almost ad siccitatem, put 3 or 4 times the weight of the metall of fresh Menstruum, abstract that also almost ad siccitatem, and put on still fresh till you have imbibd it 6 or 7 times in all. Then slowly abstract it ad siccitatem, & press it with a smart fire [d] out of what comes over precipitate the Metall, and <with that> Calx <tinge> and a [d] peice of <red hot> Silver [d]

Entry 59: Editorial notes:

With Baracle prepard with Dicla alter the foregoing method by 7 Sublimations, make an oyle which being joined with Bavarum duely prepared, comes to a kind of black Colostrum, which must be digested for a competent time and [d] < the Tinct. with {spirit of wine} drawn & employd s. a> .

[Authorial heading]:
May the 4th

Entry 60: Editorial notes:

We tooke Banasis and Nelandrum ana, and haveing distilld them together for [d] 10 or 12 howers with a very strong fire, we tooke the {caput mortuum} & added to it of Tacola and black Vagulus without at all purifying it of each as much as of the {caput mortuum} then being well mixed we digested them <lightly coverd, in a Dunghill> for 10 days or a fortnight, and afterwards tooke out the moist mixture & distill'd it with a naked fire into a Receiver furnishd <with faire {water}> for the purpose. < tis to make the Negerus of Banasis.>

Entry 61: Editorial notes:

Take Negirus animated with <{antimony}> put to it Bavarum & 3 liquors, digest them in a frying pan, for 8 10 or 12 howers & proceede secundum artem

/BP 25, 64/

Entry 62: Editorial notes:

Take the Mechanical Calx of Kurcella & to two parts of that put one of Nardium, also Mechanically prepared, mix them well together cover them with a black thick cover made of a mixture of our Menstruum siccum & Ormum, keepe them in a competent fire for 8 or 10 howers till all be reduced into Adarum, except a little Sereda which is to be kept for use.

Entry 63: Editorial notes:

Take Tora & haveing calcin'd it by Corrosion with <{aqua regia}> and freed it from adhering salts put on it 3 or 4 times its weight of the Tyrsus of <{nitre}> distill it off to a visible, if not exact, drynesse, & then put on as much fresh Menstruum, this doe 7 or 8 times, still renewing the Menstruum but at the last Cohobation, tis to be drawne a little more dry than formerly and to {ounce} 1 of the [d] prepared matter you may put {ounce} 1 or at least {ounce} ; of <Ambergreece> & put them to digest in horse dung for some weeks till they have been both United into a kind of oile < which will be a souverain Cordiall.>

Entry 64: Editorial notes:

Take a lb. of verdigrease as much {mercury}, & 2 or 3 ounces of Dantzig {vitriol} & as much sea Salt [d] fry all these in a new frying /BP 25, 65/ pan with a pritty store of vinegar, 'till the {mercury} be quite turned into an {amalgam} < tis to make a mixtur for seales> s

Entry 65: Editorial notes:

From Dorca prepared after the way mention no [blank space in MS, 3 characters] distill megiros cohobat it often & upon the same Dorca at each time freshly prepared

Entry 66: Editorial notes:

{Rx} of Nitre one part, of Charcoal two (in weight) & as much as both of the Antimony to be reduc'd to a Regulus. Powder & mix them well, & then let them detonate < tis to make Store of Regulus Antimony> .

Entry 67: Editorial notes:

{Rx} of Nigerus 4 parts, Tura two parts Takola one part & a halfe; mix these well together, proceed with them according to the process where the same Ingredients are <nadically> taken < tis by repeated sublimations to make a fixt Præcipitat like mine> .

Entry 68: Editorial notes:

Make a Crocus Metallorum with equal parts of {nitre} & {antimony} without {tartar}. the matter being well dulcified & powderd is to be boild for 5 or 6 howers with fine clean Tartar Crude or which is better chrystalls of {tartar} dissolved in water this boiling ought to continue 'till the Lixivium be well impregnated with the Crocus, then filter the tincted solution and evaporate it to a salt of which disolve 2 or 3 grains in 4 or 5 [d] ounces of <any> convenient vehicle baveing a care not to drinke soon after it. < tis A excellent Emeticke>

Entry 69: Editorial notes:

Take 2 parts of Lead & one of Tinne melt them together till they be throughly united into one mass. < tis to make a [blank space in MS, 3 characters] Soder. >

/BP 25, 66/

Entry 70: Editorial notes:

Take also 2 parts of Tinn & one of Lead & melt them likewise into one mass < tis to make A Soder> .

Entry 71: Editorial notes:

Take 2 parts of Copper & one of speltar when the Copper is well melted nimbly incorporate them by fusion as well as you can < tis to make A Spelter Soder> .

Entry 72: Editorial notes:

Make an Amalgam of 4 parts <(or {ounce})> of the Anonymous's {mercury} <Philosoph.> to one of the Celestial Magnet digest them from three to 8 or 10 days in a briske & kind of Circulating heat then distill them with a strong fire at the last: and renewing one of the Ingredients <(viz the Magnet,> repeat the operation as before and the {mercury} will <gaine> at the 5th or 6th time 3 or 4 drams if not more

Entry 73: Editorial notes:

Take Roch allom well calcin'd & with it Cement the <impure silver> plate for 2, 3, or 4 howers.

Entry 74: Editorial notes:

Calcine the stones <Garnets> with the fusible Menstruum <sulphur> taking [d] two parts of the later to one of the former. Then add to one part of that Calx, equal parts of Ormum, Taquêna, and Adarum, of each double the weight of the calcined or corroded stones.

Entry 75: Editorial notes:

Remember the Tallow that is to be boiled away for 5 or 6 howers in a slow fire till it have obtained a blacknesse and been even whilst warm of a stift consistence < Tis an exc. Varnish for Leather, &c.>

/BP 25, 67/

Entry 76: Editorial notes:

{Rx} one part of Ormum and 10 parts of good clear rain or river water, evaporate all ad siccitatem, & put on as much fresh Liquor as before, and make that also steam all away, this process reiterate still putting fresh [d] Liquor upon the same Ormum for many times till at length the [d] dry matter that remains at the bottom be equal in weight (sometimes it may be three or four times as heavy) to the Ormum first put in with two parts of this additament incorporate very well one part of Takola and by digestions in a convertible vessell, make it fixd and fusible.

Entry 77: Editorial notes:

{Rx} <oil of Vitr.> and rectify it once or twice per se, to four ounces of this, put one ounce of strong spirit of Takola and digest them a while to unite them, in this mixture dissolve one ounce of calcin'd Bavarum, and if the <mixture> be not sufficient separate the Solution from the Calx & pour on more till all be dissolvd. Digest these Solutions and add to them a convenient portion of <Merc> digest them a while and the Nigerus with the Bavarum will be united into one fix'd Body of a red Colour/ [d]

Entry 78: Editorial notes:

{Rx} of Durca & <Reg martis> ana {drachm} 2, and haveing melted them together put to them by degrees a pound of Kursella, and when the Ingredients are thorowly incorporated skimm the mixture & pour it out, and afterwards if you please, purify it with ashes. < C'est un metall blanc, ou L'estain se laisse cupeller.>

Entry 79: Editorial notes:

<Pour volatiliser l'argent> {Rx} calcin'd Muciolum made after the way of Saturnus corneus, to this <before it be fluxd> add an equal weight of the white calx of Kursella destill [d] the mixture with a quick naked fire and take the sublimate that will ascend, which may be about 3 quarters of the weight of the Muciolum, & satiate it with Spirit of Nitre /BP 25, 68/ which afterward must be strongly abstracted from it ad omnimodam siccitatem The Dosis may be 2 or 3 grains for a child, & 4, 5, or 6 for a man.

Entry 80: Editorial notes:

Unite together an ounce of Baracle & as much Kursella, dissolve this mixture in the Menstruum halfe regalizd dissolve also an ounce of Muciolum in <its> appropriated Menstruum. Mix these solutions together, [d] abstract the supernatant liquor (or some of it) and put on it some fair water, digest the mixture three or four <months> and then you may obtain near an ounce of Barakid.

Entry 81: Editorial notes:

To make the <spirit of> Kursella take of Baracle 3 parts, Kursella five parts and Negirus meteorizd as much as of both together, & then proceed after the common way.

Entry 82: Editorial notes:

{Rx} of <Pumicestone> five parts, <Minium> 3 parts ([d]) mix them well and proceed after the known way. < Tis to make a kind of red glas>

Entry 83: Editorial notes:

{Rx} Mars one part & incorporate it by <fusion> with two parts of Kursella, this [d] mass being reducd to powder, add to it halfe a pound of Bavatus, first putting in two ounces, then the rest stirring them well together.

Entry 84: Editorial notes:

{Rx} the Menstruum siccum Sea salt and Ormum ana [d] beat them into fine powder, mix them well, and when they are in fusion they are fit to be a [d] < Mixture to temper Steele>

Entry 85: Editorial notes:

{Rx} Sempervivum Turpentine and [blank space in MS, 8 characters] equal parts , with a /BP 25, 69/ gentle fire destill what will come over in a retort, and this Liquor will answer the most insipid part of the Experiment, then cohobate this liquor upon the Caput mortuum 15, 16, or even 20 times, and with the coagulated remains which will be copious proceed according to art [d]

Entry 86: Editorial notes:

Haveing made good Sublimate and sublimd it according to art twice or 3ice from Sal Gem you may then make our compounded Sublimate by makeing a fourth part so much in weight of our other Ingredient <I thinke {sal ammoniac}> incorporate & fly up with it, then letting this mixture run per deliquium add to the liquor it will afford a fourth part [d] as much of [d] new simple Sublimate as it tooke at first of the like Sublimate, [d] mix this with the Water last obtaind & distill them over together giveing at length a briske fire for a pretty while & [d] the obtained liquor <will be a mercuriall water solvent> <of Metals>

Entry 87: Editorial notes:

{Rx} Sublim'd Nigerus and mixing it very well with an equall weight of Takola dry <ve> them up both somewhat slowly what is raised mix again with what remains and reiterate the operation the 2d time, as also the 3d about which usually the matter will remain almost totally at the bottom like white marble Let it run per deliquium filter the Solution from the faces, distill slowly off the phlegm which reserve by it selfe for other purposes. Then drive over in a Retort what remains cohobate it once or twice adding halfe the weight of Takola you tooke at first and twill almost totally come over in a Liquor which will serve for divers uses but if you would have it stronger digest it 4 or 5 dayes with as much <elevated> Nigerus and Takola as you employed at first, for the liquor will dissolve /BP 25, 70/ them and being pressd with a briske fire will carry for the greatest part of them thorow the neck of the Retort with it selfe < Tis a grand mercuriall solvent>

Entry 88: Editorial notes:

[d] Take of the <Sal Enixum> made of <an ol. Vitr. &> sea salt 6 or 8 ounces, Bavarum <filed> {ounce} 1, keepe them for 2 or 3 howers in a good fire till the matter be well dissolved & mixt, and whilst they are in fusion, cast in a hanfull or two of powder'd vagalus, by which about one half of the matter will be precipitated into [d] white powder, which is to be <melted into or blanc.> the remaining matter that is not precipitated may be with rain water brought to a lixivium, out of which you may precipitate all that is dissolved by the help of an acid <as Sp. of {salt}> into the form of a high color'd Sulphur.

Entry 89: Editorial notes:

For the Kings evil they use in the Hospital store of Aqua Calci vivæ and Lucatellars Balsam inwardly.

Entry 90: Editorial notes:

Take of Regulus Antimonii absque Marto {ounce} 1, of Tora the like weight of Nagirus {ounce} 6 mix all these very well together in a mortar that is not metalline & rub them very fine, washing them frequently with with faire water 'till the liquor come off very clear, then by degrees of fire well increasd at last, drive over as much as you can, & melt the remaining Regulus with what adheres to it <& then cast on it one graine> of the Sulphur newly describd & some very well refined {nitre} < wich will compleat the artifice by making the Tora reapeare in its [d] own coulor>

Entry 91: Editorial notes:

For spitting of Blood.

Take from time to time a drop or two of Balsam of sulphur put into the midst of about the bigness of a small nutmeg of good Conserve of Red Roses.