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A Boyle Bibliography

This Bibliography is based on the list of writings on Boyle since 1940 originally published in Michael Hunter (ed.) Robert Boyle Reconsidered  (Cambridge University Press, 1994), 215-26. However, it has been updated to include publications since 1994, and has also been extended to include writings on Boyle published before 1940 that retain scholarly value: for a fuller listing of earlier writings on Boyle, see J.F.Fulton, A Bibliography of the Hon. Robert Boyle  (2nd edn., Oxford: Clarendon Press, 1961), 174-96. Under each author, entries appear in chronological order of publication.

See elsewhere on the website for details of  The Works of Robert Boyle  (14 vols., 1999-2000), The Correspondence of Robert Boyle  (6 vols., 2001) and the electronic edition of The Workdiaries of Robert Boyle on the Centre for Editing Lives and Letters (CELL) website.

We attempt to include as many publications of which we are aware as possible, but there seems no point in alerting users to publications which are very hard to obtain, particularly serials. Our selection criterion has been to include only articles in those journals which appear in the Library of Congress catalogue.


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