Document Title:
`Essay III Containeing a further Declaration of the Usefullnes of Naturall Philosophy by manifesting that Physiologie much conduces to promote the Empire of Man over the Creatures'.
Related Material:
Works, vol. 3, pp. 295-355.
Fols. 15-19 published in Works, vol. 13, pp. 291-5.
Fols. 3-28 (26 leaves)
1650s or early 1660s
Original version of 'Essay III' of Usefulness. Original foliation, 1-26. This forms the basis of the first four essays in the published text of Usefulness, II, sect. 1, though extensive interpolation later occurred. Fols 15-19, on Helmont's Duelech, did not appear in the published version.
Hand: Italic 1650s; additions in rounded 1650s.
Physical Description:

    Archive reference: BP 8, fol. 4v-5r

This is an image of folio BP 8, 4v-5r
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