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Birch, Royal Society

Thomas Birch, The History of the Royal Society of London (4 vols., London, 1756-7)

Boyle Letters
Boyle Papers

Michael Hunter, Antonio Clericuzio, and Lawrence M., Principe (eds.), The Correspondence of Robert Boyle (6 vols., London, 2001).

Fol. fols.
Folio, folios
The Hartlib Papers, University of Sheffield (for electronic edition, see Bibliography)
Huygens, Oeuvres complètes
Christian Huygens, Oeuvres completes (22 vols., Amsterdam and the Hague, 1888-1952)
J.J.MacIntosh, Boyle on Atheism (Toronto, 2005)
Manuscript, manuscripts
Notes and Records of the Royal Society of London
New Style
A.R. and M.B.Hall (eds.), The Correspondence of Henry Oldenburg (13 vols., Madison and London, 1965-86)
Old Style
Phil. Trans.
Philosophical Transactions
Michael Hunter, and Edward B. Davis, (eds.), The Works of Robert Boyle (14 vols, London, 1999-2000).


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Short-titles used for Boyle's works in alphabetical order (with a note of the volume of Works in which each appears)

Absolute Rest in Bodies
Of Absolute Rest in Bodies , appended to the 2nd edition of Certain Physiological Essays (1669) vol. 6
An Advertisement of Mr Boyle, about the Loss of Many of his Writings (1688) vol. 11
Aerial Noctiluca
The Aerial Noctiluca: Or Some New Phenomena, and a Process of A Factitious Self-shining Substance (1680) vol. 9
A Catalogue of the Books and Tracts Written by the Honourable Robert Boyle Esquire (1688; Eng. trans., 1689) vol. 11
Certain Physiological Essays
Certain Physiological Essays, Written at Distant Times, and on Several Occasions (1661; 2nd edition, 1669) vol. 2
Christian Virtuoso, I (or Christ. Virt. I )
The Christian Virtuoso: Shewing, That by Being Addicted to Experimental Philosophy, a Man is Rather Assisted, than Indisposed, to be a Good Christian (1690-1) vol. 11
Christian Virtuoso, I, Appendix (or Christ. Virt. I, App. )
Appendix to The Christian Virtuoso , ed. Henry Miles, first published in Birch's edition of Boyle's Works (1744) vol. 12
Christian Virtuoso, II (or Christ. Virt. II )
The Christian Virtuoso, Part II , ed. Henry Miles, first published in Birch's edition of Boyle's Works (1744) vol. 12
New Experiments and Observations Touching Cold, or an Experimental History of Cold, Begun (1665) vol. 4
Experiments and Considerations Touching Colours (1664) vol. 4
Cosmical Qualities
Tracts Written by the Honourable Robert Boyle About the Cosmicall Qualities of Things [etc.] (1670) vol. 6
'Cosmical Suspicions'
'Cosmicall Suspitions (Subjoyned as an Appendix to the Discourse of the Cosmicall Qualities of Things)' in Tracts Written by the Honourable Robert Boyle About the Cosmicall Qualities of Things (1670) vol. 6
Customary Swearing
A Free Discourse against Customary Swearing (1695) vol. 12
A Defence of the Doctrine Touching the Spring and Weight of the Air (1662) vol. 3
Degradation of Gold
An Historical Account of a Degradation of Gold Made by an Anti-Elixir: a Strange Chymical Narrative (1678) vol. 9
Essays of the Strange Subtilty, Great Efficacy [and] Determinate Nature of Effluviums (1673) vol. 7
'Essay on Nitre'
'A Physico-Chymical Essay, containing an Experiment with some Considerations touching the differing Parts and Redintegration of Salt-petre', in Certain Physiological Essays (1661; 2nd edn, 1669) vol. 2
An Examen of Mr. T. Hobbes his Dialogus Physicus De Natura Aeris (1662) vol. 3
'Excellency of the Mechanical Hypothesis'
'About the Excellency and Grounds of the Mechanical Hypothesis', in Excellency of Theology (1674) vol. 8
Experimenta & Observationes Physicae (or Exp. & Obs. Phys. or Ex. & Obs. Phys.)
Experimenta & Observationes Physicae Wherein are Briefly Treated of Several Subjects Relating to Natural Philosophy in an Experimental Way (1691) vol. 11
Final Causes
A Disquisition about the Final Causes of Natural Things (1688) vol. 11
Flame and Air
Tracts Written by the Honourable Robert Boyle Containing New Experiments, touching the Relation betwixt Flame and Air [etc.] (1672) vol. 7
Forms and Qualities
The Origine of Formes and Qualities, (According to the Corpuscular Philosophy) (1666-7) vol. 5
An Essay about the Origine & Virtues of Gems (1672) vol. 7
General History of Air
The General History of the Air, Designed and Begun by the Honourable Robert Boyle Esq. (1692) vol. 12
Hidden Qualities
Tracts: Containing Suspicions about Some Hidden Qualities of the Air [etc.] (1674) vol. 8
High Veneration
Of the High Veneration Man's Intellect Owes to God; Peculiarly for his Wisedome and Power (1684-5) vol. 10
Human Blood
Memoirs for the Natural History Of Humane Blood, Especially The Spirit of that Liquor (1684) vol. 10
'Hydrostatical Discourse'
'An Hydrostatical Discourse occasion'd by some Objections of Dr Henry More against some Explications of New Experiments', in Tracts Written by the Honourable Robert Boyle Containing New Experiments, touching the Relation betwixt Flame and Air (1672) vol. 7
Hydrostatical Paradoxes
Hydrostatical Paradoxes, Made out by New Experiments, (For the Most Part Physical and Easie) (1666) vol. 5
Icy Noctiluca
New Experiments, and Observations, Made upon the Icy Noctiluca (1682) vol. 9
'Invitation to Free Communication'
'An Invitation to a free and generous Communication of Secrets and Receits in Physick', in Chymical, Medicinal, and Chyrurgical Addresses: Made to Samuel Hartlib, Esquire (1655) vol. 1
Languid Motion
An Essay Of the Great Effects of Even Languid and Unheeded Motion (1685) vol. 10
Mechanical Qualities
Experiments, Notes, &c. about the Mechanical Origine or Production of Divers Particular Qualities (1675) vol. 8
Medicina Chromatica
Medicina Chromatica vol. 14
Medicina Hydrostatica
Medicina Hydrostatica: or, Hydrostaticks Applyed to the Materia Medica (1690) vol. 11
Medicinal Experiments
Medicinal Experiments: Or, a Collection Of Choice and Safe Remedies, For the Most Part Simple, and Easily Prepared (3 vols., 1692-4) vol. 12
Mineral Waters
Short Memoirs for the Natural Experimental History of Mineral Waters (1685) vol. 10
Notion of Nature
A Free Enquiry Into the Vulgarly Receiv'd Notion of Nature; Made in an Essay, Address'd to a Friend (1686) vol. 10
Occasional Reflections
Occasional Reflections Upon Several Subjects (1665) vol. 5
Experiments and Considerations About the Porosity of Bodies, in Two Essays (1684) vol. 10
'Possibility of the Resurrection'

'Some Physico-Theological Considerations about the Possibility of the Resurrection', in Some Considerations about the Reconcileableness of Reason and Religion (1675)

vol. 8
Experiments and Notes About the Producibleness Of Chymicall Principles , appended to the 2nd edition of Sceptical Chymist (1680) vol. 9
Rarefaction of the Air
Tracts Written by the Honourable Robert Boyle Of A Discovery of the Admirable Rarefaction of the Air (1670) vol. 6
Reason and Religion
Some Considerations about the Reconcileableness of Reason and Religion (1675) vol. 8
Receipts of Medicines
Some Receipts of Medicines, For the most part Parable and Simple. Sent to a Friend in America (1688) vol. 11
Saltness of the Sea
Tracts Consisting of Observations About the Saltness of the Sea [etc.] (1673) vol. 7
Salt-water Sweetned
Robert Fitzgerald, Salt-Water Sweetned; or, A True Account of the Great Advantages of this New Invention both by Sea and by Land (1683) vol. 9
'Salubrity of the Air'
'An Experimental Discourse of Some Unheeded Causes of the Insalubrity and Salubrity of the Air', appended to Languid Motion (1685), above vol. 10
Sceptical Chymist
The Sceptical Chymist: or Chymico-Physical Doubts & Paradoxes (1661) vol. 2
Seraphic Love
Some Motives and Incentives to the Love of God. Pathetically Discours'd of, in a Letter to a Friend (1659) vol. 1
Specific Medicines
Of the Reconcileableness of Specifick Medicines to the Corpuscular Philosophy (1685) vol. 10
Spring of the Air
New Experiments Physico-Mechanicall, Touching the Spring of the Air and its Effects (1660) vol. 1
Spring, 1st Continuation
A Continuation of New Experiments Physico-Mechanical, Touching the Spring and Weight of the Air, and their Effects. The First Part (1669) vol. 6
Spring, 2nd Continuation
A Continuation of New Experiments Physico-Mechanical Touching the Spring and Weight of the Air, and their Effects. The Second Part (1680; Eng. trans., 1682) vol. 9
Style of the Scriptures
Some Considerations Touching the Style of the Holy Scriptures (1661) vol. 2
The Martyrdom of Theodora, And of Didymus (1687) vol. 11
Things above Reason
A Discourse of Things above Reason. Inquiring Whether a Philosopher Should Admit There Are Any Such (1681) vol. 9
Usefulness, I
Some Considerations touching the Usefulnesse of Experimentall Naturall Philosophy. The First Part (1663) vol. 3
Usefulness, II, sect. 1
Some Considerations of the Usefulnesse of Naturall Philosophy. The Second Part. The First Section. Of It's Usefulness to Physick (1663) vol. 3
Usefulness, II, sect. 2

Some Considerations Touching the Usefulnesse of Experimental Naturall Philosophy. The Second Tome, Containing the later Section Of the Second Part (1671)
*Note: Boyle's usage has sometimes followed in referring to the two 1663 components of Usefulness as 'Tome 1' and the 1671 sequel as 'Tome 2'.

vol. 6
'Vitiated Sight'
'Some Uncommon Observations about Vitiated Sight', appended to Final Causes (1688), above vol. 11


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