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Professor Paul Barnes

Emeritus Professor of Applied Crystallography

Contact details

tel: 0207 631 6817
fax:0207 631 6803

About Professor Paul Barnes

Research highlights

Professor Barnes and Professor David Moss gave a talk at Science Week 2014: Crystallography: past, present and future [view video (72 mins) on our Science Youtube channel]

Research interests

  • My interests are X-ray and neutron diffraction (especially fast in-situ powder diffraction with synchrotron/neutron sources), computer simulation and electron microscopy; all applied to materials like zeolites, ceramics, cements, hydrates, particularly those with an industrial application.
    Investigations focus on understanding the structure and kinetics of functional materials: how they behave during synthesis or during performance.

    Selected research projects

    For more detail on any of these please refer to Professor Barnes's research website

    • Simulation of water and hydrates
    • Synthesis and structure of ultramarine
    • Polytypism and one-dimensional disorder in silicon carbide
    • Synthesis of tetragonal/monoclinic zirconia
    • The double cation valve in Ca/K-clinoptilolite-zeolite
    • In-situ studies on the hydration of cements
    • In-situ studies on the synthesis of zeolites

Recent publications

  • Middelkoop, Vesna and Tighe, C.J. and Kellici, S. and Gruar, R.I. and Perkins, J.M. and Jacques, Simon D.M. and Barnes, Paul and Darr, J.A. (2014) Imaging the continuous hydrothermal flow synthesis of nanoparticulate CeO2 at different supercritical water temperatures using in situ angle-dispersive diffraction. The Journal of Supercritical Fluids 87, pp. 118-128. ISSN 0896-8446.

    Lazzari, Olivier and Egan, C.K. and Jacques, S.D.M. and Sochi, Taha and di Michiel, M. and Cernik, R.J. and Barnes, Paul (2012) A new approach to synchrotron energy-dispersive X-ray diffraction computed tomography. Journal of Synchrotron Radiation 19 (4), pp. 471-477. ISSN 0909-0495.

    Jacques, S.D.M. and di Michiel, M. and Beale, A.M. and Sochi, Taha and O’Brien, M.G. and Espinosa Alonso, L. and Weckhuysen, B.M. and Barnes, Paul (2011) Dynamic x-ray diffraction computed tomography reveals real-time insight into catalyst active phase evolution. Angewandte Chemie - International Edition 50 (43), pp. 10148-10152. ISSN 1433-7851.

    Balde, C.P. and Leynaud, Olivier and Barnes, Paul and Pelaez-Jimenez, E. and de Jong, K.P. and Bitter, J.H. (2011) Towards a structure-performance relationship for hydrogen storage in Ti-doped NaAlH4 nanoparticles. Chemical Communications 47 (7), pp. 2143-2145. ISSN 1359-7345.

    Jacques, S.D.M. and Leynaud, Olivier and Strusevich, D. and Stukas, Paul and Barnes, Paul and Sankar, G. and Sheehy, M. and O’Brien, M.G. and Iglesias-Juez, A. and Beale, A.M. (2009) Recent progress in the use of in situ X-ray methods for the study of heterogeneous catalysts in packed-bed capillary reactors. Catalysis Today 145 (3-4), pp. 204-212. ISSN 0920-5861.