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Dr Jim Pitts

Senior Lecturer

Contact details

tel: 020 7631 6865

Room 360, Birkbeck main building, Malet Street, London WC1E 7HX

About Dr Jim Pitts

Research interests

  • My research focuses on protein engineering using site-directed mutagenesis and expression in micro-organisms. This work has targeted the enzyme chymosin and the polypeptide hormone insulin-like growth factor for modification.
  • Find out more on Dr Pitts' research page

Recent publications

    • Structure and function of human insulin-like growth factor-1, Gill, R., De Meyts, P., Pitts, J.E., Verma, C., Wollmer, A. and Wood, S.P. (2002) Recent Res. Devel. Protein Eng. 2, 105-134 [ISBN: 81-7736-147-3].
    • Structure-function studies of an IGF-I analogue that can be chemically cleaved to a two-chain mini-IGF-I, Geddes, S., Holst, P., Grotzinger, J., Gill, R., Nugent, P., De Meyts, P., Wollmer, A., Wood, S.P. and Pitts, J.E. (2001) Protein Engineering 14, No.1, 61-65.
    • Crystallization of Helix pomatia agglutinin (HPA), a protein from the edible snail, Lisgarten, J.N., Pitts, J.E., Palmer, R.A., Reynolds, C.D., Dao-Thi, M.H., Van Driessche, E. and Beeckmans, S. (1999) Acta Cryst. D55, 1903-1905.
    • Modelling of the disulphide-swapped isomer of human insulin-like growth factor-1: implications for receptor binding, Gill, R., Verma, C., Wallach, B., Urs, B., Pitts, J.E., Wollmer, A., De Meyts, P. and Wood, S.P. (1999) Protein Engineering 12, No.4, 297-303.


  • I teach mainly on recombinant DNA technology and protein structure.


    • School Safety Adviser
    • School Radiation Protection Supervisor
    • School Ethics Officer
    • School Pastoral Care Tutor
    • School Disability Liaison Officer
    • School Library Representative
    • Course Director for PPS
    • College Genetic Modification Safety Adviser
    • College Laser Safety Officer
    • First Aider