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The new funding award will provide an additional 190 PhD studentships across the LIDo Partnership over the next five years, at least 55 of which will be for collaborative research with industry.

24 October 2019

Scientists from Birkbeck, University of Nottingham and other institutions have made a major breakthrough in understanding how malaria is transmitted.

16 October 2019

Dr Giulia Zanetti is one of 403 early career researchers who have been selected to receive a Starting Grant.

04 September 2019

Research using the power of cryo-electron microscopy reveals greater insights into the structure of a complex motor protein that underpins the transport system of cells.

02 September 2019

An international study of human defence molecules, from Birkbeck, University of London and Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona, may help tackle this global health challenge.

31 July 2019

Dr Patel, a structural biologist, will work with Professor Moores and her lab team at Birkbeck's internationally recognised centre of excellence.

25 June 2019

This year’s programme, running from 24-29 June 2019, will see discussions on the intriguing science behind the adolescent brain, the search for life on Mars, and how we can tell what dinosaurs were like.

10 June 2019

Birkbeck biologist Professor Bhakta is working with academic and research institutes across India to share expertise on developing new potential antibiotic leads.

19 February 2019

The British made rover, due to roam the surface of Mars in 2021, has been named after scientist Rosalind Franklin who worked at Birkbeck in the 1950s.

12 February 2019

The Department of Biological Sciences welcomed crystallography alumni back to the College in an evening of celebration that considered the past, present and future of science at Birkbeck.

11 February 2019