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What to Expect

'A safe space to share ideas and engage in critical discussion with like-minded people...There is a real buzz to these conversations.' - 2016 Participant

The London Critical Theory Summer School is a transdisciplinary course whose faculty includes world-renowned scholars from the arts and humanities, information and media studies, and the social sciences.

Over the course of two weeks, students will take eight modules, each led by one our of our academic staff. Those modules include up to four ninety-minute sessions on a topic relating to that academic's current research. Each session concludes with a group discussion, where students are encouraged to share their thoughts and questions.

Lunch is provided, along with tea and coffee, and students are invited to join us for a welcome wine reception on the first day of the Summer School to meet fellow attendees and their tutors.

After feedback from previous students, in 2018 we added a series of informal Discussion Groups, in which students could meet, along with a facilitator, to continue their discussions and share follow-up questions and thoughts.

“I think the discussion groups are very enriching […] a friendly, no-pressure space where you can more easily share your ideas about everything and relax if you are feeling overloaded. Most of the ideas I brought with me came from discussions with other students during more informal spaces.” - 2018 Participant

The Summer School is designed to be a welcoming and open space for engaged and sustained debate over the two weeks. Participants come from around the world, so you have the opportunity to present and discuss your work and its relationship to critical theory within an international context.

At the end of each week we host a Public Debate, which takes place on the Friday afternoon. These Debates bring together the academic tutors from that week for a public discussion on themes raised over the course of the week, and the relationship between critical theory and their own research. Students from the Summer School are encouraged to attend, and to join in the vibrant and varied conversations that happen there.

“Thanks so much for the wonderful time! I’m so grateful about all the amazing sessions that I got to attend, and the fabulous people I got to meet. I will never forget this experience.” - 2018 Participant

During the two weeks of the Summer School you will have access to the Birkbeck Library, and to valuable e-resources, such as bibliographic databases, from the time of enrollment.

Modules take place between 10.00 and 18.00 from Monday - Thursday and 10.00 and 13.00 on both Fridays. On the two Friday afternoons we hold a public debate with the participating academics, which participants are encouraged to attend.

Lunch is provided from Monday - Friday, and there is a welcome wine reception on Monday 25 June.

Get more of a feel for what to expect at the Summer School:

If you have any queries, please don't hesitate to contact the Birkbeck Institute for the Humanities