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Liz Johnson Drew

Imaging Albion: Changing Environments and Photography in England 1975-2000.

The departure point for my work is February 1975 when Margaret Thatcher (1925-2013) became the leader of a Conservative Party that went on to implement policies of major significance on the cusp of a second, accelerated era of globalization. This project examines the central role of photography, in visual representations of the immediate and sustained impact on people and place, through the work of collectives, individuals and an unpublished archive of vernacular images from a major port in the North of England. My contribution to existing work on post war realism, including on disparate works described as poetic or lyrical, is to appropriate the term ‘poetic realism, as applied to films emerging in France during the 1930s, and to evidence a longer trajectory of a poetic ‘countervisuality’.

Supervisor: Dr Patrizia di Bello and Dr Joel McKim.

Image Credit: The Rules of The Game, 35mm Film, 1939 - Dir. Jean Renoir