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Katie Stone

Children are the Future: Childhood and Utopianism in Science Fiction and its Criticism.

Summary: My research focuses on the function of childhood in science fiction (SF). Drawing on the Utopian philosophy of Ernst Bloch, I argue that the figure of the 'relentlessly curious' child, who is both inquisitive and strange, enables the navigation of the many curiosities which have come to define science-fictionality. Evolution, futurity, reproductive technologies and coming of age narratives will all form a part of this study, which aims to grant childhood a significant position within SF as both a literary genre and a mode of political thought. While my primary focus is on short stories written between 1960 and the present, with an emphasis on feminist SF, I will also reach back into SF's history in order to trouble the linear narratives of maturation which currently dominate criticism of the genre.

Supervisor: Dr Caroline Edwards


Twitter: @cyborg_feminist