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Gordon Bates

Charles Lloyd Tuckey and the Birth of the New Hypnotism.

Charles Lloyd Tuckey was a fashionable London doctor who spearheaded the British hypnosis revival in the late Victorian era. The new interest in medical hypnotism was the result of the experiments of the French neurologist Jean Martin Charcot but demonstrated wider societal interests in the potential applications of hypnosis. The emergence of alarming villains with hypnotic powers like Svengali and Dracula reflected cultural concerns about the implications of misuse of this power. The Society for Psychical Research saw it as their principal research tool in exploring the unconscious and communicating with the afterlife. The ceremonial magic group the Magic Dawn saw it as a means of self development and occult experimentation. Lloyd Tuckey was an important member of both groups but has been unjustly neglected by medical historians and gothic scholars.

Supervisors: Professor Roger Luckhurst and Dr Jo Winning.

Image: Hypnotic Sèance (Richard Bergh)