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Colm McAuliffe

Rapture and Rupture: How Critical Theory Infiltrated the Arts and Popular Culture in Britain, 1968-1990.

How did the translated works of continental theorists impact the arts and popular culture in the 1970s and 1980s? Outside of the academy, how were texts by Barthes, Baudrillard, Kristeva and Deleuze interpreted by artists, writers and the cultural industries? My project pays close attention to how the work of these notoriously difficult theorists was transposed into Britain and influenced established fields and spaces of culture: from the music, style and film press to cultural organisations and broadcasters such as the Institute of Contemporary Arts and Channel 4. Using a rich archive of sources and texts, from Barthes influenced think-pieces in the NME, institutional histories from the ICA to cultural critiques of society afforded by radical television programming, this research unearths and maps a new and original cultural history of late 20th century Britain.

Supervisor: Dr Joe Brooker.