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School of Arts postgraduate student funding

Conference funding

The School of Arts has a limited fund available for help with conference expenses. If you are presenting a paper at a conference you can, with your supervisor’s support, apply for financial help.  You can make one claim each academic year, up to a maximum of £300, claimed against expenses.  Applications must be made before the date of the conference and the event must take place before the summer (so by the end of July 2019).  Please send 1) the completed Application Form (which can be downloaded below) and 2) Email confirmation from your supervisor that they support this claim to Dr Julie Hipperson, School of Arts Research Manager.

PhD Research Student Conference Allowance Claim Application Form.

Extraordinary research expenses

The School of Arts has a small fund for extraordinary research expenses; the expenses must be integral and crucial to the successful completion of the research project, and will cover the kinds of expenses which could not be foreseen at the outset of the research project. Such items might include travel to a unique archive, or translation costs, but would not normally include items such as books, word-processing or binding. Sums provided will normally be in the region of £100-£150. Students should contact Dr Joseph Brooker with a detailed breakdown of the costs involved, before the expenses are incurred. Students should also ask their supervisor(s) to contact Joe to certify that the research in question is integral and crucial to the student’s research project.

The Lorraine Lim Postgraduate Fund

The Lorraine Lim Fund supports postgraduates in the School of Arts wishing to organise research events to explore, develop, and share their research interests, while gaining skills in writing a proposal, putting together a budget, advertising, and organising the event.

This postgraduate fund is named after Dr Lorraine Lim. Until her untimely death in 2017, Dr Lim was Lecturer in Arts Management in the Department of Film, Media and Cultural Studies. As Co-Director of Birkbeck Interdisciplinary Research in Media and Culture (BIRMAC), she had a part in initiating its Graduate Student Competition. This fund commemorates and continues her work, extending the original idea by offering annual prizes to support student led initiatives in Research Centres across the School. Application deadline is Monday 8th January. See full details here.

School-wide research student activities

The School of Arts will support, as far as it is able, School-wide research student activities. This might include paying for publicity, catering, computer resources, training events and so on. Students should contact Dr. Brooker if they have projects for which support is sought. All funded events must be open to all research students in the School.

Research Skill Training for History of Arts Students (ReSKIN)

A programme of research skills training is offered collaboratively with other departments of History of Art within the University of London. This programme covers a wide range of skills and debates useful or necessary for research students. All new MPhil/PhD students, both full-time and part-time, are expected by the School to follow the programme and regularly to attend the seminars and groups organised for research students within the School. Contact Anthony Shepherd, Postgraduate Research Administrator MPhil/Phd Programmes.