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Upcoming events

The History and Theory of Photography Research Centre runs a busy schedule of events. See below for forthcoming activities, you can also take a look at our recent events here.

9 November 2017: Nina Lager Westberg (Norwegian University of Art & Technology), Images at Work: Digitisation and the Archival Cultures of Photography.

Where? Room 106, 43 Gordon Square
When? 6:00-7:30pm

Production at Wilh. Scheel & Co. reprographic studio, Kristiania (Oslo), c. 1910. Photo: Norwegian Museum of Science and Technology/

The digitised research cultures of today are deeply dependent on technologies that count photography among their immediate ancestors. Whether consulting a digitally scanned image of a book page through the Google Books facility, or examining a digitised photograph of a material object in an online museum collection, professional and amateur researchers alike encounter an overwhelming share of their sources in the form of digital surrogates, which are either derived from pre-existing photographic records or created through lens-based imaging technologies that trace their lineage back to photography. This work-in-progress presentation takes the view that photography and its archival cultures may be seen as active agents rather than passive objects of digitisation. Engaging the work of Steve Edwards (2006) and Mercedes Bunz (2013), it particularly explores how the notion of skill and knowledge as contested territories within capitalist production is equally applicable to recent and ongoing practices of digitisation, as to earlier practices of industrialisation.

29 November 2017: Kate Flint, Flash! Photography, Writing, and Surprising Illumination (Oxford UP, 2017)

Where? Keynes Library (room 114)
When? 6:00-9:00pm

Book Launch - panel discussion followed by drinks.

6 February 2018, 6:00-7:30pm: The Touch of Light: Bruce Nauman’s Holograms - Elizabeth Johnson (Associate Research Fellow, Vasari Research Centre for Art and Technology)

Where? Keynes Library (room 114)
When? 6-7:30pm