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19 February - 20 March 2015: Dwellings: Exhibition by Carlos Reyes-Manzo

As part of a cycle of events organised by Birkbeck's Politics Department on the London housing crisis, this exhibition brings together some 50 photographs by the internationally acclaimed Chilean photographer Carlos Reyes-Manzo - alumnus of the College and Ben Pimlott writer-in-residence for 2014. Reyes-Manzo explores the human condition in relation to dwellings: places and spaces where people try to find shelter, protection, comfort and belonging.

A selection of Reyes-Manzo's images taken over the past two decades illustrates the different conceptions and realities of domesticity, housing, homes and homelands across the world. Their juxtaposition with some of Reyes-Manzo's London photographs underlines the interconnections between dwellings, shelter, displacement and settlement at home and abroad. The exhibition invites us to reflect philosophically on dwelling as a form of being in the world, as well as politically in terms of how buildings foster inequality, poverty, alienation but also collective identity and a sense of belonging in a physical space.


Birkbeck, School of Arts
43 Gordon Square
London WC1H 0PD

Opening hours

Monday-Friday: 10am-8pm

Saturday: 10am - 5pm (Unless otherwise stated)