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15-17 September: Conflict transformation art

Conflict transformation art is an interpretation developed by Evanthia Tselika in response to a practice-led research process which explores how socially engaged art practices are used to resist contexts of urban segregation in Nicosia, Cyprus.

Due to the ethno-nationally divided condition of the city the social function of the arts in resisting urban segregation was identified in the use of the arts for peace-building purposes, and this was described for the purposes of this research as conflict resolution art. Conflict transfromation art subsequently emerged as a hybrid method of practice and interpretation that is informed by socially engaged and conflict resolution art practices, and which questions multiple forms of urban conflict and patterns of social division as those are manifested in the landscape of the divided city of Nicosia.

The research installation ‘Conflict transformation art’ presents are interpretation of a practice-led research project that explores how a method of socially engaged art is developed in segregated urban environments, using Nicosia, Cyprus as a case study. This practice-led research is based on three projects that I collaboratively developed(2010-2012) and which are documented in the three booklets included in this research installation. This research installation does not represent a documentation process of the three projects but a reinterpretation of these endeavours and the practice-led research journey.

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