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About Members of the Group

Group coordinators

Luisa Calè (English and Humanities)

Ann Lewis (European Cultures and Languages)

Kate Retford (History of Art and Screen Media)

Emily Senior (English and Humanities)

Other members

James Arnold (History, Classics and Archaelogy)

Stephen Brogan (History, Classics and Archaeology)

    Research: the royal touch in early modern England; magic, science and religion in the Spectator papers; Chevalier D’Eon


Anne Byrne (History, Classics and Archaeology)

    Research: C18th French history, particularly court history; the court of Louis XVI, ritual and ceremony, participation, gender


Michael Dobson (English and Humanities)

    Research: British and American theatre history; reception of Shakespeare; authorship; national identity; J.P. Kemble and theatrical authority; non-professional Shakespeare performance; W.H. Ireland and his forgeries


Natalya Elliot (English and Humanities)

Piyel Haldar (Law)

    Research: law, orientalism and postcolonialism; the place of animals in literary and legal discourse


Richard Hamblyn (English and Humanities)

Robin Howells (European Cultures and Languages)

    Research: late C18th French and English literature and culture; the rise of the family; neo-classicism; the Gigantic in the late C18th


Joy Hudson (English and Humanities)

    Research: spectatorship in the works of Frances Burney; the Warren Hastings trial


Alex Mackintosh (London Consortium)

    Research: the development of the modern slaughterhouse and the ‘humane’; early anthropology; critical theory


Victoria McNeil (English and Humanities)

Julie Peakman (History, Classics and Archaeology)

    Research: Sex, gender and sexualities, medicine, erotica and the book trade, prostitution (British and Worldwide), whore biographies


Anna Richards (European Cultures and Languages)

    Research: German women's writing from the 18th century to the present day; psychological and medical history and the novel.


Julian Swann (History, Classics and Archaelogy)

    Research: The political and cultural history of the French court, noble elites and development of the French state, 1660-1790


Carol Watts (English and Humanities)

    Research: Laurence Sterne, empire and global war; the culture of loyalist refugees in America during and following the revolutionary wars