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Current research interests

Most of my research in recent years has focused on Rome, and on two areas in particular: the re-engagement and re-interpretation of the classical tradition - which led to an edited collection entitled Rome: Continuing Encounters between Past and Present; and early responses to the Council of Trent in art and patronage, including the interaction between courtly intellectual trends and the emerging climate of reform - an area which has resulted in a number of articles. I have also explored ideas around the 'paragone' between painting and sculpture, most recently in an article on a series of portraits of Paul III.

While I still continue to work on Rome, especially in the later cinquecento, I have recently begun a major new research project on a little-known Umbrian church - the Madonna di Mongiovino - which was built from 1524 to enshrine a miraculous image of the Virgin and Child. I am currently writing an article on this church, entitled 'Framing and Revealing: the Madonna di Mongiovino in the later Sixteenth Century', in which I explore the fortune of the church during the Counter Reformation. I am also working on a monograph, which will seek to reconstruct the building history of the church and to consider its place in the broader devotional life of this part of central Italy.

I am also co-organiser of the Rome Lectures Series, which is hosted termly by the Department of History of Art at Birkbeck and the Italian Department at UCL.