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Tom Corby

Tom is an artist, academic and writer concerned with exploring relationships between natural environments, digital technology and social phenomena. He works collaboratively with scientists and technologists, recently with the British Antarctic Survey, BBC and the Oxford Internet Institute looking at climate change and geographies of conflict respectively.  Tom has a long-standing interest in how creative practitioners explore the use of data (big and small) as a social, environmental and political medium. His work has received numerous international awards including at Ars Electronica (2000, 2006), and has been exhibited in over 20 countries including at the Institute of Contemporary Arts; Victoria and Albert Museum; ZKM; Tate Online and many other festivals and galleries. Reviews have appeared in Art Review (2009, 2000), La Repubblica (2010), The Guardian (2012, 2011), Neural IT (2009), Art Monthly (2007), and Artist Newsletter (2006) amongst others.