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Jac Saorsa

Jac Saorsa is a visual artist and researcher. Her background is in philosophy and creative practice and she has extensive international teaching experience in higher education. She is a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy, an Honorary Research Fellow within an NHS University Health Board, and has published widely including Narrating the Catastrophe: An Artist's Dialogue with Deleuze and Ricoeur (2011). Her work is rooted in the Medical Humanities and is characterised by an interdisciplinary mix of practice and theory where the overarching theme is questioning how, as human beings, we experience and engage with the world and with others in it. She focuses on this engagement through exploring the relationship between sickness and health, and the existential experience of illness. This has led to various projects, solo and collaborative, in the field of arts and medicine including Drawing Women’s Cancer: Art Science and the Lived Experience.

Interdisciplinarity is, for me, an ever-changing and ever-beautiful landscape that I traverse in nomadic transgression of boundaries, and where art, philosophy, history and science maintain interactional relations. - Saorsa, 2014