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Law Research Seminar Series

This free lecture series, which is open to the public, is held on Wednesdays at lunchtime. For more information please .

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  • November 2016: 'Law and Body Secrets: The Fantasy Structure of Genes and Brains' 
  • October 2016: 'Lives That Slide Out of View: Law and Poverty' 
  • March 2016: 'Violence and Spirituality: Cosmography Beyond Governmentality at the Turkish/Syrian Territorial Interface' 
  • February 2016: 'Feminist Literary Theory, Legal Texts: An Encounter' 
  • January 2016: 'Sovereignty Enisled' 


  • December 2015: 'Accusation and Expanding Crime-Control Networks; 
  • October 2015: 'Stop and Search: Drawing the Line Between Submission and Consent' 
  • September 2015: 'What the Police Saw?: The Camera, Domestic Violence and Viewing Interpersonal Violence' 
  • February 2015: 'Public Legal Education and Social Justice: Connecting University and Community' 


  • December 2014: 'The Ambivalent Subject of Criminal Law' 
  • November 2014: 'Academic Judgement and the Force of Law' 
  • October 2014: 'Urban Commons and Communities' 
  • January 2014: 'Offices, Dignities, Jurisdictions and Jurisprudences' 


  • October 2013: 'If We Know, Then We Must Fight: Legacies of 1970s Radical Criminology in the United States'