Compass Project

The Compass Project at Birkbeck reaches out to help refugees and asylum seeker communities to access education in the UK and will offer twenty individuals from asylum-seeking communities an opportunity to study at university. 

Birkbeck has a proud tradition of changing lives through university study. Our students come from all over the world and are from a wide range of educational backgrounds. We particularly encourage and specialise in applications from people who may have had a break in their education, of any length, or who have never had the opportunity to study at university.

What is the Compass Project?

  • The project comprises:
    • the Compass Project Fund, which will provide 20 asylum seekers, who are not eligible for student finance, with a scholarship to study a university-level programme at Birkbeck, University of London.
    • workshops and activities, designed to provide people within refugee and asylum seeking communities with the knowledge and skills to start their academic journey. We will also advise on the level of skill and preparation needed to apply and study at university, giving clear guidance on the best study options.
  • We will also be a strong voice and critical friend to the wider education sector in promoting and supporting routes into learning for forced migrant communities and sharing the benefits this brings to all.

Free workshops and events

  • We will be running a series of events throughout the year, designed to support and inspire people to learn and explore university subjects. There will also be potential for participants to progress onto university learning such as degree-level certificates.
  • Birkbeck currently delivers a wide range of free activities and workshops to support prospective students with their application to university, and you are welcome to attend these.
  • Please note: Attendance at these activities is especially important for those who are looking to apply for the Compass Project Fund, as you will need to demonstrate a commitment to study.

Register with us

  • Want to know more? Please , so we can keep you updated with information on future events and activities.

Working with community organisations

  • We welcome the opportunity to develop our relationship with community organisations that work closely with forced migrants. Please to find out more about what Birkbeck can do to support access to university.