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Partnerships with other institutions

Birkbeck, University of London is committed to encouraging, supporting and facilitating the progression into higher education of learners at partner institutions who have relevant and appropriate qualifications and who wish to study at degree level.

Check our up-to-date list of partner institutions.

Institutional Partnership Agreement (IPA)

  • Applicants who wish to transfer onto a degree level programme offered by the College who are studying for, or will have completed, a Level 4 or 5 qualification at a PI in the year of application to the College are actively encouraged to apply for such transfer.
  • In the case of an applicant from a partner institution who is applying for an undergraduate level programme on the basis of a Level 3 qualification, the offer will be conditional on satisfying all published entrance requirements for the programme. In some cases the Admissions Tutor for that programme may impose additional conditions where in his or her judgement there are skills or learning gaps, but any such additional conditions should be designed so as to further encourage and facilitate progression in line with the College’s policy on admissions and commitment to widening participation.
  • All applicants to the College who have gained or will have gained credits at level 4 or 5 can be considered for accreditation of prior learning towards their Birkbeck qualification in line with the College Regulations and policy on accredited prior learning (APL).
  • In respect of existing Progression Agreements that the College has with PIs, such Progression Agreements continue to operate on the terms agreed except where the provisions set out in the IPA are less restrictive, in which case the IPA provisions prevail.

Relevant undergraduate level programmes

  • Cert HE
  • FdA
  • FdSc
  • BA (Hons)
  • BSc (Hons)
  • LLB (Hons)

Level 3 Qualifications to which the IPA applies

  • A levels
  • International Baccalaureate
  • Key Skills level 3
  • BTEC Awards, Certificates, and Diplomas at level 3
  • BTEC Nationals
  • OCR Nationals
  • NVQs at level 3
  • Access to HE Diplomas

Level 4 / 5 qualifications to which the IPA applies

  • Certificates of Higher Education
  • BTEC Professional Diplomas Certificates and Awards
  • HNCs
  • NVQs at level 4
  • HNDs
  • Other higher diplomas
  • BTEC Professional Diplomas, Certificates and Awards

Additional conditions

  • Admission to the College’s undergraduate programmes is ultimately, and remains, a matter of academic discretion.
  • That discretion is based on a judgement of an applicant’s skills, aptitude and ability.
  • This IPA impacts on the exercise of that discretion only in so far as it imposes an obligation on Admissions Tutors for those programmes to make an offer in the case of PI applicants for those programmes studying at level 3 in the year of their application.
  • That obligation may require Admissions Tutors to impose additional conditions in order to determine a PI applicant’s skills, aptitude and ability successfully to pursue his or her chosen programme of study.
  • Where an Admissions Tutor is not satisfied that the Level 3 qualification for which a PI applicant is studying provides, or will provide if and when achieved, sufficient evidence of skills, aptitude or ability for the programme applied for, the additional condition(s) may – subject to paragraph 6 below – take such form as s/he determines appropriate (including, but not necessarily limited to, interview and / or a written test).
  • Any additional condition(s) that an Admission Tutor imposes on a PI applicant must be accompanied by clear explanation as to:
    • Why the additional condition(s) is / are being made
    • Why the additional condition(s) is / are of the kind / type being made
    • What the additional condition(s) is / are intended to determine
    • How the applicant’s performance with respect to the additional condition(s) will be evaluated and what criteria will be used to determine that performance
    • The anticipated timescale for communicating success or otherwise in meeting the additional condition(s).
  • Where a PI applicant upon whom any additional condition or conditions has / have been made fails to meet the criteria, feedback will be provided in a form determined by the admissions tutor.
  • Admissions tutors are actively encouraged to keep PIs informed of the kinds of additional condition(s) that they may make with respect to the programmes for which they are responsible, and to work with PIs to provide preparatory advice and support for applicants who may be subject to those additional conditions.
  • Admissions tutors should monitor and maintain records of the performance of PI applicants on whom additional conditions have been made, and keep those conditions under review.