Officers of the College


  • The College President is Baroness Joan Bakewell DBE. She has been appointed by the Governors to carry out this important, honorary ambassadorial and  ceremonial role at Birkbeck.



  • The Master, Professor David S Latchman CBE, is the chief academic and administrative officer of the College. He has responsibility to the Governors for its finances, for promoting and maintaining the efficiency, good order and development of the College. Under the Financial memorandum with HEFCE, the Master is the designated office-holder for the College.
  • Supporting roles: In his responsibility for the day-to-day management of Birkbeck and in his role as the representative of Birkbeck on a wide range of organisations, the Master is assisted by the Vice-Master Professor Matthew Innes and Pro Vice-Masters (see below). He also works closely with Keith Harrison, the College Secretary and Clerk to the Governors.


Secretary and Clerk to the Governors

College Dean

Senior management


Executive Deans

School Managers

Assistant Deans