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Hon Mrs Laura Wolfson-Townsley

Chair, Wolfson Family Charitable Trust

Elected 2015

The Honourable Mrs Laura Wolfson Townsley is a Trustee of the Wolfson Foundation, and chairman of the Wolfson Family Charitable Trust. The Wolfson charities support and promote excellence and have a long tradition of funding for higher education.

Mrs Wolfson Townsley is also an honorary fellow of Technion and of King’s College London. In 2013 the Wolfson family were awarded the Carnegie Medal of Philanthropy.

She said: ‘I am delighted to be associated with Birkbeck in this way. I greatly admire the work of the College and the leadership of the Master of Birkbeck David Latchman.

‘The way in which Birkbeck offers opportunities to people across a vast array of subjects is inspiring. The Wolfson Foundation has been very happy to have been able to provide support.’