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Fellows of the College

Honorary Fellowships are awarded to individuals who:

  • have attained distinction in the arts, literature, science or public life
  • have rendered exceptional service, which may include philanthropic support, to Birkbeck
  • have or have had a close association with Birkbeck

Fellowships are awarded at our annual graduation ceremonies, where the College Orator presents them to the Birkbeck community with a formal oration.

FellowRelated information
Mr Richard Agutter College oration for Mr Richard Agutter word format
Professor Francis Ames-Lewis, BSc, MA, PhD College oration for Professor Francis Ames-Lewis word format
Professor Isobel Armstrong, BA, PhD, FRSA College oration for Professor Isobel Armstrong word format
Professor Paul Barnes College oration for Professor Paul Barnes word format
The Rt Hon Lord Barnett, PC, JP
James Berry, OBE College oration for James Berry word format
Professor Michel Blanc College oration for Professor Michel Blanc word format
The Rt Hon Baroness Blackstone, BSc(Soc), PhD, HonDLitt, HonDUniv, HonLLD
Professor Sir Tom Blundell, BA, DPhil, FRS
Professor Donald Bradley, BSc, PhD, DSc, FRS, CChem, FRSC
Professor Avtar Brah
Dr Paul Brickell
Baroness Brinton College oration for Baroness BrintonPDF icon
Brian T Buckle, BA
Sir Ian Byatt College oration for Sir Ian Byatt word format
Dr Michael Byrne
Sir Clive Callman, BSc(Econ) College oration for Sir Clive Callman word format

Sir Neil Chalmers, BA, PhD

College oration for Sir Neil Chalmers word format

Alison Chitty OBE

Sir Anthony Cleaver, MA, HonLLD, HonDSc

Professor Steven Connor College oration for Professor Steven Connor PDF icon
Professor Steven Connor's reply PDF icon

Professor Sir David Cox, MA, PhD, FRS, HonDSc

B H Chibnall, BSc

Professor Peter R Crane, BSc, PhD, FRS

College oration for Professor Peter Crane word format

Edward Davey, BA, MSc, MP

College oration for Edward Davey word format

His Honour Judge Thomas Dewar, BPharm, BSc, PhD

Frank Dobson MP

College oration for Frank Dobson word format

Dame Vivien Duffield, DBE, MA, HonDLitt, HonDPhil, HonRCM

Professor Sir John Enderby, CBE, BSc, PhD, FRS

Dame Elizabeth Esteve-Coll, BA, ALA, HonDArt

Professor Sir Richard J Evans, MA, DPhil, LittD, FRHistS, FBA

Professor Sir Roderick Floud, MA, DPhil, FRHistS

Professor Roy Foster, PhD, FRSL, FRHistS, FBA

College oration for Professor Roy Foster word format

Dame Julia Goodfellow, CBE, PhD, FMedSci, FIBiol

College oration for Professor Julia Goodfellow word format
Professor Samuel Guttenplan College oration for Professor Samuel Guttenplan Word icon

Professor D W Hamlyn, MA

Laurence Harbottle, MA

College oration for Laurence Harbottle word format

Professor Barbara Hardy, MA, DUniv, FRSL

Dr Brian Harwood

The Rt Hon Lord Healey of Riddlesden, CH, MBE, MA, HonDLitt, HonLLD

Sir Terence Heiser, KCB

Professor E J E Hobsbawm, CH, MA, PhD, HonPhilDr, HonDHL, HonLittD, HonDLitt, HonPhD, FBA

Tom Hoffman

Professor Glyn Humphreys

Professor Michael Hunter College oration for Professor Michael Hunter PDF icon

Professor Barry Ife, CBE, PhD

College oration for Professor Barry Ife word format

Jack Jacobs

College oration for Jack Jacobs word format

Ron James, BSc, PhD

Dr Mary-Lou Jennings, BA, MA, PhD

College oration for Dr Mary-Lou Jennings word format

Dr Roger Johnson

Emeritus Professor Peter King

Sir Aaron Klug, OM, FRS

Sir Peter Lampl, OBE, MA

College oration for Sir Peter Lampl word format
Drummond Leslie College oration for Drummond Leslie word format

The Baroness Lockwood of Dewsbury, HonDLitt, HonDSc

Professor James Lovelock

Christine Mabey, OBE, BA, PhD

Dame Mavis Macdonald

Neil MacGregor, DUniv, HonDLitt, HonFBA

College oration for Neil MacGregor word format

Professor Alan MacKay, BSc, MA, PhD, DSc, FRS

College oration for Professor Alan Mackay word format

Denis MacShane, PhD, MP

College oration for Denis MacShane word format

Professor William Marslen-Wilson, BA, PhD, FBA


Dame Judith Mayhew Jonas, DBE, LLM

College oration for Dame Judith Mayhew Jonas word format

Sir Kit McMahon, Chevalier de l’Ordre de la Légion d’Honneur

College oration for Sir Kit McMahon word format
Mr John Middleton

Professor Peter Mortimore, OBE, BSc, MSc, PhD

Lord Moser, KCB

Professor David Moss, BSc, PhD

College oration for Professor David Moss word format
Lord Gulam Noon College oration for Lord Gulam Noon word format
Professor Glaucius Oliva, President, Brazil National Council for Scientific and Technological Development (CNPq)

Sir Timothy M M O’Shea, BSc, PhD

College oration for Professor Timothy O'Shea word format

Professor W G Overend, PhD, DSc, CChem, FRSC, DUniv

Mr Trevor Pears CMG

College oration for Trevor Pears word format

Sir Roger Penrose, OM, FRS

Garth Pollard College oration for Garth Pollard PDF icon

Professor David Rhind, CBE, FRS, FBA

Rev'd Brian Roberts, BA, BTh, FRSA

College oration for the Reverend Brian Roberts word format

Baroness Sharp of Guilford, MA

College oration for Baroness Sharp word format

Dame Stephanie Shirley, DBE, BSc, FBCS, CBIM, CEng

College oration for Dame Stephanie Shirley word format

Professor Michael Slater, MA, DPhil

College oration for Professor Michael Slater word format

Baroness Smith of Gilmorehill, MA

College oration for Baroness Smith of Gilmorehill word format

Lord Sutherland of Houndwood, MA, HonLLD, HonDLitt, FBA, FRSE

College oration for Lord Sutherland of Houndwood word format

Professor Laurie Taylor, BA

Dame Janet Thornton, CBE, PhD, FRS College oration for Dame Janet Thornton word format
Baroness Valentine of Putney, Chief Executive, London First College oration for Baroness Valentine PDF icon

Emeritus Professor William Vaughan

College oration for Professor William Vaughan word format

Sir Robin Wales

College oration for Sir Robin Wales word format

Steve Walker, BSc (Brist), PhD (Lond)

College oration for Steve Walker word format

Katherine Webb, MA, MPhil

College oration for Katherine Webb word format
Sarah Weir OBE

Professor Michael Wise, CBE, MC, PhD, HonDSc, DUniv, FRGS, HonFLI

Emeritus Professor Mary Wood College oration for Mary Wood PDF icon

Emeritus Professor Sami Zubaida

College oration for Emeritus Professor Sami Zubaida word format