Dynamic Memory and Cognition Laboratory

Join us

There are several opportunities to join the DMC lab and contribute to our main research efforts. You can investigate any topic, or combination of topics, within the four research domains of the DMC Lab (see our Research page).

Post-doctoral research
Currently, we do not have vacancies for post-doctoral research. Please contact me directly to discuss possible opportunities.

PhD candidates
Individuals who are interested in completing a PhD in our lab can apply via our PhD programme and contact me directly to discuss possible research topics.

MA/MSc candidates
Individuals who are interested in working on a MA/MSc project can apply to any of the MA/MSc programmes taught in the Department of Psychological Sciences. Note that applying to one of our programmes is not a guarantee that a MA/MSc project will be conducted in the DMC lab. Current/previous MA/MSc projects supervised include:

  • Affect, normal aging and flanker interference (behavioural study)
  • Rational decision-making of the unconscious mind (behavioural study)
  • Fractionating executing functioning using a dual task paradigm (behavioural study)
  • Semantic search in the remote associates test (behavioural study)
  • Retrieval-induced forgetting in first-language attrition (behavioural study)
  • The effects of alpha wave neurofeedback on insight problem solving (neuroscience)
  • Breastfeeding behaviour of mothers and child cognitive ability at age 7 (statistical study)
  • Modelling retrieval-induced forgetting (computational study)

BSc project students
Undergraduate students who would like to do their final year project in the DMC Lab will need to follow the procedures outlined by the projects coordinator. Until you are given the green light to commence the projects module, you can not start a credit-bearing research project. Research experience can, however, be gained as a research volunteer (see below).

Research volunteers (all levels)
Outside the formal system of studying towards a degree, there are opportunities for anyone interested to volunteer as a research assistant. These positions provide research training (mainly behavioural studies), have very flexible hours, and are also open to candidates in their junior years of the BSc programme at Birkbeck or at another institution. Contact me via email to discuss how you can contribute to our research.