Dynamic Memory and Cognition Laboratory


We have a number of studies running throughout the year. Some are online studies and others require to come to Birkbeck and be tested by one of our researchers. All our studies are approved by the Research Ethics Committee.

Those students and volunteers who are on Birkbeck’s sona-systems can easily find our studies by searching for the titles that start with DMC. Individuals who are not in the subject panel can sign-up here.

DMC: Serial memory (£ 10) *** Coming Soon ***

DMC: Insight, creativity and memory II (4 credits, online study) *** Active study ***

DMC: Language, Letter Matching and Attention task (4 credits) *** Coming Soon ***

DMC: Categorising colour words *** Coming Soon ***

DMC: Neurofeedback *** Participants Needed (Please sign up here) ***

Finally, it is also possible to contact us directly to be placed on our (confidential) list of motivated research participants for studies on aging and cognitive enhancement.