Peckham School, Imperial War Museum

War Comes to School: Life at Peckham Central School, London, England, 1943. (Credit: © IWM (D 12190) Imperial War Museums)


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‘Europe in Crisis’ blog series

Posts in this ongoing series place current developments and debates in a historical context.

Contributions to date:

2 October: Jessica Reinisch, ‘History matters…but which one? Every refugee crisis has a context’ (co-published with History & Policy)

6 October: Jessica Reinisch, ‘On news and non-news: Calais migrants, once again’

12 October: Friederike Kind-Kovacs, ‘Budapest’s Eastern Train Station: From the Past to Today’s (Child) Refugee Crisis’

22 October: Dora Vargha, ‘Mnemonic Battles on 23 October’

26 October: Elidor Mehilli, ‘Europe’s ‘fake’ refugees

2 November: Ana Antic, ‘At the Gates of Europe: The Eastern European Refugee Crisis

9 November: Pamela Ballinger, ‘Lessons from Europe’s Refugee Pasts’

16 November: Darcie Fontaine, ‘Temporary Migrants or Permanent Immigrants: France’s long migrant crisis’

27 November: Kiran Klaus Patel, ‘Crisis, What Crisis? The EU in Historical Perspective

5 December: David Bryan, ‘History, ‘internationalism’ and the British debate on Syria

7 December: Jim Bjork, ‘One of Us? Dealing with Difference Among People on the Move

17 December: Hiroki Shin, ‘The Paris Climate Agreement and the Year 1965: How Much Can We Achieve in 50 Years (Or Less)?’

21 December: Becky Taylor, ‘‘The Dangers of Sympathy’

4 January: Martin Conway, ‘The State of Europe’

21 January: Eleanor Davey, ‘The bombing of Kunduz and the crisis of international humanitarian law

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